Nitish advocates politics

Nitish urges all to take interest in politics because it is the most-important thing and can make the country better

By Amit Bhelari in Patna
  • Published 12.10.18, 12:05 AM
  • Updated 12.10.18, 12:05 AM
  • a min read
Chief minister Nitish Kumar addresses the JDU students’ wing programme at Bapu Sabhagar on Thursday. Picture by Nagendra Kumar Singh

Chief minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday asked youths to enter politics with good ethics and principles, stressing that it is not bad to chose it as a career.

Advocating for politics at an event of the student wing of the JDU at Bapu Sabhagar, Nitish said it is the most-important thing and if it is not practised in good sense it would be difficult to take the nation ahead.

“I will urge you all to take interest in politics because it is the most-important thing and we can make the country better only when politics is practised in good sense. It is unfortunate that today’s standard of politics has nose-dived, as efforts are being made to create hatred and animosity.

Today, people do not associate themselves with logic, facts, and principles. I have been

fascinated towards politics since I was 17 years old and today I am serving the nation,” Nitish said.

Nitish said during student life one should gain knowledge about politics and should be aware what is happening in the society.

The chief minister added that there cannot be politics without principles. “One should not do politics without principles but in the present scenario people contest elections from anywhere and enter politics after winning the election. But they have nothing to do with the principles. Politics is commitment, dedication and trust. He or she should have trust on the principles which they believe,” Nitish said, adding that today there is no discussion on ideologies.

Without naming RJD chief Lalu Prasad and his family, Nitish said today discussions are held on how to grab power.

“Today’s politics in broader frame is for power to gain something. There’s a downfall of politics and I am concerned about this. There are people like Bashishtha bhai, professor Ranveer Nandan, professor Suheli Mehta in the hall today (Thursday) who are in politics for their ideologies and not for vested interest. They are in politics to serve the society and nation. See the background of today’s politicians. They do not have any background except that of their families. They are in politics based on their family background,” Nitish said, adding that the nation will not gain anything from such politics but yes those individuals may benefit.