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The book of all and More pledges II (Incomplete)

We shall get cheeta-chaagta spotty

Sankarshan Thakur   |   Published 25.09.22, 03:42 AM

We shall arrive and we shall countenance a rapturous welcome.

We shall announce all shall now be well.

We shall pronounce those dins that will never come.

We shall leave room to say they were jumla dins.

We shall say bhaaiyon and we shall say behnon!

But before that we shall say Mitron!

We shall work all the time.

We shall never take leave.

When we take leave we shall not tell.

When we shall not work we shall not tell.

We shall tell Sunday Working.

We shall not tell Tuesday not working.

We shall get cheeta-chaagta spotty.

We shall shoot cheeta-chaagta spotty.

We shall use cannon.

We shall use cannon with stopper so there can be no cannonball.

We shall tap.

We shall snoop.

We shall pursue.

We shall want to know everything we want to know.

We shall be saheb.

We shall have big fund. And we shall have big bond.

We shall pronounce fund and bond beyond transparency in the interest of the nation.

We shall be the interest of the nation. The interest of the nation shall reside in me.

We shall be mahant.

We shall be pujari.

We shall promise and promise alone.

We shall wonder what promise?

We shall remember and recall the age of NothingHappened.

We shall say it’s happening now.

We shall announce.

We shall forget what we announced.

We shall say bullet in the same breath as train.

We shall wear horns.

We shall wield spears.

We shall swing with the one we shall not name.

We shall use first name.

We shall wear name in pins and stripes.

We shall do monologues.

We shall say Play!

We shall say Make!

We shall say Skill!

We shall clap and laugh and wait till you clap and laugh.

We shall tear foundations.

We shall call designer.

We shall make bada wala grand things upon grand foundations.

We say command: jantar mantar chhoooo, go on build everything noo.

We shall breed cronies.

We shall breed capitalists.

We shall patronise.

And have no worries honey

There will be big money

For us, here there and everywhere

And we shall say for you we care.

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