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It is that growing daily thing

Perhaps not entirely erroneous to speculate razors were before history was

Sankarshan Thakur   |   Published 27.11.22, 03:11 AM

Ah, to possess and then to someday, chancing upon inclination and time and energy, come to read a volume thus titled: Razors, A History.

Would you? But why wouldn’t you? Razors had their uses. Think about that, think the many uses razors had, or were put to. Would you not read? To get to learn what razors did? Once they had been invented, of course. But when would that have been? Tough to tell.


Perhaps not entirely erroneous to speculate razors were before history was. Razors were in the times myths come from. Splendoured myths. Myths from here and there and far and wide. Myths that have come to us as the stuff of higher stuff than history or reality. Myths that we have been told made our history, and our reality. Myths are what made us, or what we are made of. It’s what some say. And those some say it’s myth that’s the bedrock of the past, that’s where everything springs from and cascades down what we know as time. What do joo say? Who knows?

Have you ever wondered looking at photographs whether there were razors around or whether they weren’t?

Ooops, but sorry my sires, forgive me, I have been wrong and remiss, those things I am referring to I cannot call photographs because everyone os agreed and positive they are not, and cannot be called photographs. They are impressions. Or some such things. We did not have cameras in the era of myths, or even for a long long time into the era of what we know firmly to be history.

Anyhow, those images, they don’t fix the date on the invention of razors, do they? I mean what would you think look at them? Those folks, those they also call gods etcetera, they are shaven, clean as clean can be, like with multiple-mach sandwich razors of the best quality tempered steel twisted into place at just the finest angle. Run the razor and you’ve run out of all that’s unwanted on your face. (Or wherever on the body, or whatever part, you know what I mean — there are more parts that are sought to be depilated than just the slopes of the male face, hai naa?) Did they have razors in them mythical times? Who knows?

And yet there were others from the very same times that have hair flowing from all over their visages as if there were no means available to get rid of them — long lock, straggly beards, bushy brows, backs and cheats to shock metrosexual idols into instant coma. Or did they just not bother using razors even though they were at hand? Who knows?

It probably was choice. Just choice. I choose to grow. I choose to grow not. My hair, keep or cut, what goes of yours?

Oh yes, you sheared

Because it began to took feared

Tho’ ’twas okay how you appeared

After all it was only a beard.

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