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Here then, are the hard hours laid bare

What do you think is being built under what is being centrally and famously built?

Sankarshan Thakur Published 13.11.22, 03:23 AM


How many did we say? Or claim? Eighteen, wasn’t it, 18 hours a day? That we work. We as in I. I as in you know who. And if you do not know, well, you soon will. See you in the dungeons. What do you think is being built under what is being centrally and famously built? Don’t know? Well, you will soon. See you in the… perhaps wee hours, wee-wee hours. I am working on it. And as I have famously said, and my message-multipliers have famously multiplied and amplified, it’s 18 hours. Fixed measurement. Like chest measurement.

It begins with wee, in wee hours. Not the wee you have in mind, filthy mind, wee as in wee, little, wee-wee things, little-little things. Like waking, looking, checking: where am I and how am I and what has been said about how am I and what am I going to do about which more will be said?


Little-little questions to begin with. Little-little planning. Avoid what to do. Next. Okay. Bit of yogi-yogs. Air in, big air out, air in, big air out. This will continue, all day, all the time. Practice. Practice, practice. Practice makes perfect. It will soon become air in, hot air out, air in, hotter air out. Practice. You will get there.

After yogi-yogs, flushings. Big flushings. Flushing everywhere, from toe to top. Consequence of good session of yogi-yogs, excellent flushing. Very refreshing. From all the sweating. And all the wiping of sweating. On face and elsewhere. This is how I get it. Complexion. You have skin, I have complexion. You work, you work hard, you will also have it. Practice. Go on. Back to work now. Rubbing sweat into skin. Getting complexion. It’s hard work, but work is all I do, I told you. I am now giving evidence. All this is work, meter is down, time is ticking. You are still asleep, I presume, secure in the sense that I am here, minding it.

And so I am. Here. There. Everywhere. Some of the time taken by dressing. And that is also hard work, and that is also part of the job: hard work. You must think hard. About dressings. For occasions. Colours. Combinations. Contours. How high will cockade fly, in what hue? And shades? (You call them goggles, is it?) Hmmmm, let’s see, it’s cloudy, let’s take advantage sort of a day. Right. So goggles too. Additional work. Dressings. Undressings. Dressings. Undressings. Dressings. Undressings. And so on and so on, work, work,work and more work and more dressings and more undressings to dress again. You see, it’s hard. And then to climb those stairs. And walk the length of my long plane and ascend my throne. And then go thousands of feet up, and all those thousands of miles this way and that. It’s often more than 18 hours, but what’s one to do, dutti to nashun.

When you are at work

Away from when you shirk

That’s the best time, you jerk

To appropriate this and that perk.

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