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Letters to the Editor: Yet another newspaper in suburban USA discontinues its ‘Letters to the Editor’

Readers write in from Pune, Calcutta, Faridabad, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Barnala, Kanpur and Chennai

The Editorial Board Published 28.05.24, 07:13 AM
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Ironic erasure

Sir — No one writes to the editor anymore. Yet another newspaper in suburban United States of America has discontinued its ‘Letters to the Editor’ segment this week in what has become a worrying trend globally. Even newspapers that still have this segment often just restrict it to their online editions only. Space comes at a premium and offering readers a voice does not bring in the money that an advertisement might. The irony of not making space for readers’ views in a world that is run by the number of engagements and comments that any content receives is hard to ignore.


Sayli Shinde, Pune

Messiah complex

Sir — In an interview, the prime minister, Narendra Modi, recently said, “I am convinced that God has sent me” (“‘Emissary of God’ is seeking your vote now”, May 23). Trying to convince voters that he is a godsend amidst an election is an attempt by Modi to turn democracy into a theocracy. How can voters hold elected representatives accountable if they are seen as having been chosen by divine will? If political representatives are absolved of accountability to the public, it will open the floodgates for corruption.

Sujit De, Calcutta

Sir — Narendra Modi claims that he has been sent by god and is in possession of divine powers (“Sign of the times”, May 26). One wonders what the divine will was when he let hundreds of people get butchered under his watch as the chief minister of Gujarat. Where were his divine powers when he announced demonetisation, which led to many people killing themselves? Moreover, it is surprising that countries that do not have leaders who have been sent by god could manage the pandemic better than Modi could in India. His so-called divine powers have done India no good.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee, Faridabad

Sir — In Hirak Rajar Deshe, Satyajit Ray had aptly summed up the situation of present-day India. Like Hirakraj, Narendra Modi cannot tolerate any Opposition and whoever tries to swim against the currents is either incarcerated or brainwashed to say “Hirak er raja bhogoban.” Worse, Modi is now calling himself a divine representative.

Kajal Chatterjee, Calcutta

Sir — It is not surprising that the prime minister and his party are spreading myths about the former’s divine origin. They will leave no stone unturned to return to power even if that comes at the cost of lives and sowing communal division.

Fateh Najamuddin, Lucknow

Sir — The American novelist, Nathaniel Hawthorne, had written, “No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself, and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” Narendra Modi is proof that Hawthorne was right. He has taken the image of his divinity and infallibility projected to the public and the media to be true.

Jahar Saha, Calcutta

Sir — Many contemporary leaders are driven by a messiah complex. But Narendra Modi has taken this complex a step too far.

H.N. Ramakrishna, Bengaluru

Sir — In a modern democracy, the leader of the country calling himself a representative of the divine is a bad omen. Someone anointed by god will not think that he is answerable to mere humans.

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

Different paths

Sir — There is no denying that the hubris of the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo at the helm of the Bharatiya Janata Party is too far gone. Differences between the BJP and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have been simmering for a long time now (“Family secrets”, May 23). But the fact that the BJP chief, J.P. Nadda, said that the BJP does not need the RSS anymore amidst the ongoing general elections is indicative of how wide the chasm between the outfits has become. On the one hand, the RSS chief recently exhorted activists to shun egotism and work with humility. On the other hand, the BJP under Modi is a party in mindless pursuit of political power.

P.K. Sharma, Barnala, Punjab

Too late to woo

Sir — The prime minister recently addressed back-to-back rallies in Punjab. But will this help the Bharatiya Janata Party? Farmers from Punjab are angry and disappointed over their mistreatment at the hands of the Narendra Modi-led government. Modi spared no opportunity to criticise the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab. But the people of Punjab know better than to fall for such election rhetoric.

Kirti Wadhawan, Kanpur

Right step

Sir — The International Criminal Court has sought arrest warrants against the leaderships of Israel and Hamas. This is a good step: no one should be able to commit international crimes with impunity.

N. Mahadevan, Chennai

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