From Darjeeling to Istanbul, documenting life the Arko Mukhaerjee way

The urban folk vocalist is a pro with his camera and his Instagram is a treasure trove of photo-inspiration

Pooja Mitra Published 09.03.22, 07:14 PM
The musician loves documenting his travels on Instagram

The musician loves documenting his travels on Instagram

Arko Mukhaerjee can sing in more than 20 languages and can play a staggering number of musical instruments. But did you know that the musician is also a prolific travel photographer? From quaint European towns and old Goan architecture to the bylanes of Darjeeling, he has captured some gorgeous frames from around the world.

Here are some gems from his Instagram account that have us doing a double-take.


The Queen in her mighty glory

“Darjeeling has become my home,” the singer had shared during a recent free-wheeling chat with My Kolkata. Last year, Arko released the album 110 Gandhi Road, which recounts his relationship with Darjeeling. The town clearly has a special spot in the singer's heart and this stunning photograph, depicting the first ray of light on the Kanchenjunga, has us in awe.

Black and white, and everything nice

When Arko Mukhaerjee asks us to “Imagine”, we oblige.

Lights will guide you home

A riveting look at ombre skies at Goa’s Agonda beach, with nature helming the artist’s hat. The breathtaking sunset has us packing our bags!

Old is gold

Last year, Arko shared a snippet of a quaint antique shop in Istanbul.

Shadow tales

An interesting take on the silhouette meets an equally interesting caption. We’re bookmarking this for inspiration!

An act in action

Arko, who also participated in the SpielArt festival in Munich, with choreographer Sandra Chatterjee and music producer Kanishka Sarkar in 2021, shared this interesting frame.

P.S.: Don’t miss out on his improv jamming sessions with friends!

‘Tis the season…

A throwback to the candyfloss clouds and kash phool has us wondering if it’s too early to start the countdown to kash season.

Kolkata, mon amour

Arko’s frame of Kolkata’s Zakaria Street may inspire your next day out in the city, to explore the fascinating architecture of Nakhoda Mosque, followed by a quick stop at Adam’s for some succulent Sutli Kebabs and maybe some Nihari from Sufia?

Songs of Innocence

Arko’s “Bhanjyang kids. Border portraits” just made our day!

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