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Kolkata Airport

Unauthorised parking of yellow taxis lead to congestion at Kolkata airport

Cabs in lane meant to be kept free for vehicle movement, cops ask authorities to slap fines

Sanjay Mandal, Snehal Sengupta | Published 03.04.24, 06:58 AM
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Unauthorised parking of yellow taxis and commercial vehicles in the furthest lane in front of the arrival area of the Kolkata airport’s terminal building is leading to chaos and congestion during peak hours.

This lane is supposed to be kept free for movement of vehicles.


The chaos is causing inconvenience for cars coming out of the airport’s parking lot and several times during the day, the vehicles have to wait long before making their way out of the airport.

On Monday afternoon, The Telegraph found a series of yellow taxis and some commercial vehicles parked in the lane in front of the garden built above the parking lot. There were several police personnel present but none of them did anything to remove the vehicles.

The personnel at the Bidhannagar city police counter, where passengers book taxis, were not doing anything about the unauthorised parking of cars either.

The drivers of several of these taxis were seen standing near the exit gates for passengers at the terminal's arrival level. As passengers exited, they were being approached by these drivers.

“There are three lanes designated for commercial vehicles. One on the kerbside is for parking of yellow taxis and app cabs. The other two lanes are supposed to remain free for movement of commercial vehicles,” said an airport official. “However, a long queue of yellow taxis and commercial vehicles on the third lane leaves only one lane for vehicle movement, creating congestions,” the official said.

The official said the taxis have been provided a parking lot opposite the old domestic building.

The airport authorities have designated seven slots for app cabs like Uber, Ola as well as yellow cabs and those using Yatri Sathi apps.

“Once a taxi picks up a passenger and leaves the kerbside parking, another one is supposed to be called from the parking area opposite the old domestic building. But this is not happening,” said the official. “The yellow taxis are parking on the third lane,” he said.

Uber and Ola have entered into a contract with airport authorities and park their cars in the parking lot.

Earlier this year, The Telegraph had carried a series of reports on the problems faced by fliers using Kolkata airport. One of the problems was the congestion in the lane in front of the arrival area where only private vehicles are supposed to pick up passengers.

After the series, police took action and did not allow commercial vehicles to come to the lanes designated for private cars. However, the unauthorised parking of yellow taxis is creating congestion in the lanes for commercial vehicles.

Private cars and app cabs coming out of the parking lot to pick up passengers or leave the airport premises have to come through these lanes. Unauthorised parking in the lanes meant for commercial vehicles is leading to these cars getting stuck.

On Monday, it took 15 minutes for The Telegraph to come out of the parking lot and then from the airport premises.

A senior officer of the Bidhannagar Commissionerate said that the two lanes next to the app cab and Yatri Sathi taxi bays were meant for vehicles to pass through and no vehicles are supposed to be parked there.

Taxis and app cabs are only supposed to park along the designated bays meant for them.

The officer said they had a meeting with the airport authorities about the issue. “These two lanes are meant for moving traffic and no cars should be parked there. We have requested the airport authorities to engage parking marshalls to slap fines on these vehicles as the area falls under their purview. We have also asked our personnel to ensure the vehicles don't stay parked there,” said the officer.

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