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Students give lessons in values during two-day fest in Kolkata school

‘Oneness in togetherness’ celebrated at Loreto Day School, Dharamtala

Jhinuk Mazumdar | Published 15.12.21, 10:30 AM
The poster for the two-day online fest.

The poster for the two-day online fest.

Sourced by The Telegraph

Loreto Day School, Dharamtala asked students to present on the importance of value education, a lesson that is otherwise forced on students in classrooms, during a two-day fest.

The students made presentations on the values of humanity, diversity, discipline and linked it to the subjects that they study in class.


They showed how humanity (insaniyat) is an emotion that is above all religions (dharma) or how different parts of a cell have their own importance and if one part is missing, it won’t be able to function, just like “diversity” is needed in a team to bring to the table creativity and the required skills.

“May it be ensured that the Loreto core values, Constitutional values and the values enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights be upheld to ensure the dignity of every human being,” said principal Meenakshi Kapur in the welcome address of the fest “Oneness in Togetherness”. It was inaugurated on December 10 — world human rights day.

A member of the Loreto Education Board, Kaveri Dutt, emphasised that oneness is different from sameness.

“Togetherness is very distinct from uniformity, from homogeneity. We are together in our different cultures, faith, beliefs, habits, interests, choices, appearances... but eventually, we belong to one family, the human family, where everyone has equal rights and is entitled to be treated with equal dignity and respect,” she said.

The presentations were made by students of different Loreto Schools from classes VI to IX and XI for the online fest.

A group from Class VI showed the importance of humanity where a student held an umbrella on a rainy day for a fellow student in a wheelchair. A group from Class IX talked about bonding through the “covalent bond” in chemistry.

“All parts of a cell are important and if one part is missing, it won’t be able to perform the essential functions of life. Similarly, diversity is needed so that all of the required skills are covered by somebody in the team.... A variety of personalities, age groups and cultures can bring creativity and a broad range of ideas to the table,” said a Class IX student in the presentation.

The participating schools included Loreto Day School Bowbazar, Loreto Elliot Road, Loreto Convent Entally, Loreto House, St Agnes Loreto Lucknow, Loreto Intermediate College, Lucknow and Loreto Day School, Dharamtala.

Chief guest SV Raman, former director of Goethe Institute, spoke of ‘unity in diversity’ and ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ not merely as slogans but things to be put into practice.

“...that is where the spirit of Ubuntu comes in in a major way. I am because we are. And that we, the plural of the first person, is very important. Increasingly, we are living in a world that is encouraging, because of certain divisive forces amongst us, a concept of ‘us and them’ and not just us,” said Raman.

“The little little differentiation of class, creed, race and even orientation should be respected,” he said.

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