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Meet Pogo the Pug

The only complaint against the canine is that he refuses to be clicked

Brinda Sarkar | Published 08.04.22, 12:25 PM
Pogo stares into the camera, perched on Amrita Roy’s lap.

Pogo stares into the camera, perched on Amrita Roy’s lap.

Brinda Sarkar

Pogo refuses to believe that he’s a Pug. “He is convinced he’s human. Previously, when our family would sit to eat at the dining table, Pogo too would pull up a chair and try to climb into it as he felt that’s what civilised humans do,” laughs Amrita Roy who assures you that Pogo is as much a Pug as the star of the classic Vodafone commercial.

“Not only did we get him after that ad made a household name of Pugs but Pogo would also behave just like the dog in the commercial, following us around everywhere. I believe he has FOMO (fear of missing out) and will sit around people even if all he wants to do is snore,” says Amrita. Her  friends joke that a trip to her house comes with a complimentary pedicure session, courtesy Pogo’s loving licks all over their feet.


Pogo is 10 and in the past decade Amrita has taken off to the US and France for work and studies, only to return to the wide open arms of her dog. “On the initial trips I’d fear he’d forget me but that never happened. I too would miss him when I was away. I have a top with the picture of a Pug on it and would put it on whenever I longed for him,” she smiles.

But Amrita was home during the lockdown, a period both of them relished to the hilt. “I would work with my laptop on my desk and my lapdog on my lap,” laughs the MBA graduate. 

The only complaint against the canine is that he refuses to be clicked. “He makes the cutest faces without warning but the moment we fish out our phones he looks away,” sighs Amrita. “We have this family photo where I’m literally holding Pogo’s face to make him face the camera.”

He knows many commands but won’t obey them unless there’s a treat introduced to the equation. “Pugs are tough to train, but not because they aren’t smart. The problem is that they are so cute that we can’t be strict with them!” Amrita laughs.

Her brother tied the knot recently and despite his wife being scared of dogs, Pogo won’t leave her side. “You see, she very sweetly says: ‘No Pogo, go Pogo!” and so all he hears is his name and thinks she’s calling him!” laughs Amrita.

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