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Chandrayaan 3

Youth speaks about the productivity seen in 2023, its relevance and influence on humans

A lot happened in 2023, now its time to see who holds the greater share among all

The Telegraph | Published 24.12.23, 05:58 AM

Launch of Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L1 by ISRO: Sun and space have always amazed and interested me. Chandrayaan 3 was historic as it landed on the south pole of the moon successfully, making India the first country to be able to do so. Also, India was the fourth country in the world to do a soft landing on the moon, thus joining the elite club comprising the US, China and Russia. Another step towards history for India was Aditya L1, which will bring us comprehensive data about the sun. These two events established the prowess of India in space research.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: This was Taylor Alison Swift’s year and we just lived in it. The Eras tour made history in ticket sales and also by helping the economy of the places the tour went to. The movie based on the tour became the highest-grossing concert film of all-time. The way Swifties from all over the world came to support Taylor was incredible. She also created a larger-than-life experience for her fans with her performances and breathtaking setups.


Rishika Dutta

I am a big cricket fan and so for me, ICC One Day International Men’s Cricket World Cup has been the most memorable public event in 2023. Although our country couldn’t win the Cup, but overall it was a fantastic tournament.

Sourish Misra

Artificial intelligence will have a more profound effect on humanity than fire, electricity or the Internet, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said. The singlemost, relatively quiet revolutionary moment in the field of robotics in 2023 was the launch of Chat GPT by Open AI, an AI research and deployment company in the US. GPT4 (Generational Pre-trained Transformer 4) is a multimodal large language model made available to Internet users via a the chatbot called Chat GPT. It has taken the world of computers, Internet users, students, and everybody else by surprise. It can process 25,000 words and respond to images. It has revolutionised homework, classrooms, presentations and our literary expressive abilities. Though users have fallen for it hook, line and sinker, there is a word of caution for the overenthusiastic. Slowly but surely we seem to have entered a dangerous realm where we have given our ability to think to a machine. We will be spoonfed words and phrases and, somewhere along the way, our creativity will take a beating. Our minds may yet emerge winners, but it is a shaky possibility. Like computer scientist Eliezer Yudkowsky has said: “By far, the greatest danger of artificial intelligence is that people conclude far too early that they understand it.”

Pampa Paul

This year was like moving up the ivy.The most memorable public event for me will definitely be the World Cup. Although India did not win, the ability with which they have carried forward their winning streak is awesome. They did not win the cup, but they won hearts!

Swastika Roy

The most memorable public event for me in 2023 has been Durga Puja because I enjoyed it a lot with my loved ones. My friends came back to Calcutta from different parts of the country and I absolutely loved getting to spend quality time with them. I loved the pandals and I was sad to see the celebrations end.

Rupanjali Samadder

It was indeed a year of memories and my most memorable public event in the year was Durga puja. Those five days of pandal-hopping, munching without restrictions and meeting friends and family are the moments I want to relive. The joy on everyone’s faces lifts my spirits.

Ritika Bhakat

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