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Why stop at Wordle when you can Word Fight

This is a competitive two-player adaptation of the original puzzle

Mathures Paul | Published 05.07.22, 01:13 AM
Word Fight rules are similar to those on Wordle

Word Fight rules are similar to those on Wordle

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Ennui will probably be the word that would come to many minds when Wordle is mentioned. Yet, the word game continues to have loyal followers, despite its acquisition by The New York Times. After having spawned several games, Wordle has inspired something worth looking up — Word Fight.

This is a two-player adaptation of the original puzzle. And it’s competitive. Two players need to take turns to guess a five-letter mystery word, with the first to guess correctly getting bragging rights. Each player has 24 hours to make a move and there are no restrictions, that is, an infinite number of guesses are possible and you can solve any number of puzzles each day. There is the option to add friends in the competition or face off with random players. Try it, it’s as interesting as it sounds.


The rules are similar to those on Wordle — green tile indicates the correct letter is in the correct place while an orange letter indicates that a letter is somewhere else in the mystery word. What gives the game the needed rush is players can see each other’s coloured titles, putting pressure on the opponent. If you want to make the game difficult then decide on whether you want to show the opponent your words.

The only issue one may have is that the game is a download and not a simple browser title, like Wordle was at the start. Yet, the brainchild of Gavin Wong, who is, according to The Washington Post, a tech entrepreneur from New Zealand, is well thought out and, more importantly, fun to play. It truly takes the Wordle experience to a new level.

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