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Viral Wedding Invites

Invitation to laugh: From funny to bizarre, these wedding cards have gone viral!

If you’re looking for an unconventional wedding card this season, here’s some inspiration (and a reminder to spell-check)

Shayeree Ghosh | Published 23.08.22, 03:21 PM

The wedding season is upon us! While details for outfits and playlists are being finalised, there is one other detail that has caught our eye (and social media’s) — wedding invites! The concept of a unique wedding card isn’t new, but there are some rather creative invites that have been making rounds on social media. Some are recent, and some gems make a comeback every wedding season.

One such invite that recently caught our eye, and got people chattering on Twitter was shared by Harsh Goenka. The tweet on Saturday, showed a wedding invitation, and what drew everyone's attention was the creativity behind it. “A pharmacist’s wedding invitation! People have become so innovative these days,” Goenka wrote. The wedding invitation resembled the back of a tablet pack. In contrast to the customary warning and ingredient list, it included the time, date, and names of the bride and groom. Certainly innovative. May there be no expiry date!


Do you recall the famous punch line “Violence, Violence, Violence...I don't like it. I avoid! But... violence likes me, I can't avoid” from the Kannada blockbuster K.G.F: Chapter 2? The phrase created a buzz across the web. Clearly, this couple from Karnataka were fans of the 100-crore-club film, and cleverly used it in their invites. The card ended with the quote: “Marriage, Marriage, Marriage, I Don't Like It, I Avoid, But My Relatives Like Marriage, I Can’t Avoid.”

In 2021, a Guwahati-based lawyer, Ajay Sarma designed a Constitution-themed wedding invite. The invitation, which went viral, used the catchphrase: “In the lovely court of life.” In addition, the names of the bride and groom were printed on either side of the scales of justice to symbolise equality.

Over the years invites have gone viral on social media not only for being innovative, but also bizarre. In 2018, Karnataka activist Siddappa Doddachikkannanavar’s went viral after he shared an image of the invite designed like a voter ID. It was the couple’s effort to promote Karnataka elections.

Comedian Akshar Pathak’s take on the typical Indian wedding card went viral on social media in 2019. The ‘honest’ invitation highlighted many characteristics of an Indian wedding, from showcasing a family name to lavish and foolish expenditure, while poking fun at the prevalent cliches in any big fat Indian wedding. The parody invite referred to a wedding between “Sharma ji ka ladka” and “Verma ji ki ladki” and pokes fun at the wedding hashtag craze, which in this case is #ShaVerma. Wondering what featured in the menu?

There are some cards that become famous for their cleverly designed content, and then others that go viral for the wrong reasons. Wedding preparations can be stressful, and little things slip through the cracks or can be overlooked. In this case it was a little spelling error that made a big difference. The simple, straightforward invite seems to have everything in place until you reach the schedule and see the words ‘horse ovaries’ under 3:30 pm. We’re sure the couple did not intend to serve horse ovaries to their guests, perhaps hors d’oeuvers.

Last updated on 23.08.22, 03:21 PM

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