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These viral ‘travelgrams’ will stoke your wanderlust

Travel trends, road-trip and holiday-buddy reels that blew up on Instagram last week

Jaismita Alexander | Published 30.07.23, 04:23 PM

Lush landscapes, fun with friends on road trips, viral travel trends, magical transitions and more — Instagram travel reels make us want to pack our bags immediately and head out for an adventure. What is more relaxing than scrolling through travel reels as you take a break from the mundane life. This time, on our Reels of the Week, My Kolkata has got your wanderlust covered, so let's dive right in!

1. Doors of Pondicherry

True travellers always look at the details around them. And when creativity meets the passion of exploring places, some mesmerising reels happen. This reel by @rehcreate beautifully portrays the spirit and beauty of Pondicherry through the doors of its quaint cafes and houses. It is hypnotising!


2. Doraemon city tour in Japan

What if you could visit the places you see in cartoons? Seems like a child’s dream… doesn't it? But this dream has turned into reality as Takaoka in Toyama, Japan has been recreated to look like popular places we see in Anime and Manga! The hometown of the creator of Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio has been turned into the fictional town where Doraemon, Nobita and friends live. From the houses to the parks, everything looks just like in the cartoon. Creator @harkiratzz takes us on a tour of this cute city.

3. Bunnies bon voyage

We have seen dogs and cats going on trips, but have you seen bunnies taking a train ride? In this reel by @happily_ever_bunny, two cute bunnies, Momo and Poco, are out on their journey from Varanasi to Delhi. The two fluffballs calmly sit on the berths of an AC first class coupe on their hop-tastic adventure! This reel is travel goals for any fur parent!

4. Travel reel trend with friends

For some travelers, more than the place, the travel companion matters more. And let's be honest, traveling is fun with a compatible group of friends! So, before you plan your next trip with your buddies, check out this reel by @aakanksha.monga and friends. The scenic beauty of Norway and the happy faces of the gang is so heartwarming. If you are someone who loves making travel reels, hop on this trend immediately!

5. Making coffee atop the mountains

A steaming, freshly brewed coffee and the breathtaking scenery of the mountains — seems like paradise. Travel vloggers @wanderwithsky and @brindasharma have proved that their love for coffee is unparalleled by brewing and enjoying a cuppa in Ladakh! This collab reel between the two is every coffee and mountain lover's dream. When Brinda takes a sip of the coffee and says, “Oh my goodness”, we feel the contentment!

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