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Sink into the pink: Barbie reels blow up on Instagram

From GRWM videos to trending challenges, these Barbie reels took over the ’gram this week

Jaismita Alexander | Published 23.07.23, 04:02 PM

With the release of the Barbie movie by Greta Gerwig, starring Margot Robbie, the fanbase has been transported to Barbie world. From movie theaters to fashion labels, the pink craze is everywhere. There's a Barbie reel coming every few seconds! This time, on our Reels of the Week, indulge in a world of limitless imagination, fashion and empowerment as My Kolkata uncovers the ever-evolving universe of Barbie on Instagram.

1. Sparkling, pink Barbie cocktail

If the colour pink doesn’t remind you of Barbie, are you even a true fan? From food to fashion, Barbie cast her magic on everything this week. And to add to the Barbie fever, culinary creator @lets_eat_with_prachi stirred up a pink, magical and glittery gin-and-tonic cocktail to keep up with the trend.


2. Outfit ideas for little Barbies out there

Barbiecore never went out of fashion and it never will! Little influencer @kiara_minime sports five Barbie looks that are cute and fashionable! If you are a girl mom and a Barbie fan, gear up and draw some inspiration! It’s time to dress your doll up!

3. How to be like Barbie?

Now, that’s a question we all have been asking since we got our very first Barbie doll. Who wouldn’t want to be a fashionista? Content creator @aboutritvi has finally given us the beginner’s guide on how to become like Barbie. From hairstyle and makeup to dress and accessories, this guide will help you get ready for a Barbie movie date! (If you haven't been to one already).

4. What if Barbie was Bengali?

In a world that celebrates diversity and empowerment, Barbie continues to reign as a cultural icon sporting different ethnicities. And this time, artist @kawaiikhoka has reimagined Barbie as a Bangali. If Barbie was Bengali, according to the artist's imagination, she would sport a sari and paint her hands and feet with alta. We can't help but fall in love with this version of Barbie!

5. Dolinman x Barbiecore

Diptanshu Roy, aka @dolinman, a mandolin player has given a different identity to the idea of Barbiecore. He remixes a reel with @amarkhamar’s video of women in pink saris from a Bengal village in a rice mill. The Irish tune of the mandolin in sync with the pounding beat of milling makes a great composition! Bonus? Diptanshu Roy wears a pink shirt to create the Barbiecore look!

6. Flurys cashes in on the pink

The ‘Hi! Barbie’ audio has been trending on Instagram ever since the trailer of the movie was out! Creators used it for showing different looks and characters! However, our favourite Kolkata confectionery, @flurysindia, decided to do something different. They recreated the trend with their pink boxes of various sizes! Check it out now!

7. Zara explodes in all pink, glitter and gold!

Like all the fans, @zara_international is also celebrating the release of the Barbie movie. From clothes to accessories, Zara’s new Barbie collection is a fan’s paradise. Pink coords, jackets with Barbie motifs, sunglasses, heels, slippers — there’s everything to transform you into your favourite fashion icon.

Last updated on 23.07.23, 04:04 PM

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