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Diwali 2022

Try these DIY decoration ideas to spruce up your home this Diwali

Light up the festivities with these unique homemade crafts, from no-wax candles to diya holders and more

Jaismita Alexander | Published 19.10.22, 08:03 PM
Festive rangoli, a must on Diwali

Festive rangoli, a must on Diwali


There’s only a few days left for Diwali and this festive occasion calls for beautiful decorations. As you inch closer to the day, you’ll see many readymade decorative items — from rangolis to wall hangings — sold in the markets. Why not make them yourselves?

DIY Diwali decorations don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, or heavy on the pocket! Get inspired by these talented Instagrammers and YouTubers — and get going.


Candle holder with bangles

When it comes to decorating the house for Diwali, candles have been the most popular and economical choice for us. Decorative candle holders are widely available in the markets in various shapes and colours. But why go with the flow when you can make something extraordinary at home? All you need are some bangles (preferably, glass or metal bangles), gorgeous laces, wool and you are set. Here is our favourite DIY candle holder tutorial.

Diya stand with bhanr

Diwali without diyas seems incomplete. This DIY diya holder is so pretty and super easy to make at home. To make this holder, you need three bhanrs (earthen cups), glue, decorative beads and paint. Once ready, place it near the main entrance of your apartment and you are sure to win compliments from your guests.

Upcycled wall hanging

This upcycled CD wall hanging is not only eye-catching, but easy to make as well. Take out all your old CDs and cut them into various shapes and sizes. These cutouts lend the mirror effect and can be a great piece of decoration for your balcony or living room. Just pick up a strong pair of scissors, glue, round cardboards, some wool and get on with it.

Amazing water rangoli

Colourful rangolis are a must on Diwali. The traditional rangoli on the floors can be upgraded to this mind-blowing water rangoli, made in a large bowl. A perfect rangoli for balcony, terrace or lawn, it is smudge-proof and unique. You can have it further decorated with flowers and diyas kept around it.

Tealight candle holders

If you have kids at home to help you out, this can be an engaging DIY project, and safe for the children since there are no lit candles to be used. These hangings are fun to make and you can fit in small battery-operated candles to light them up. Hang them on your balcony or front door and see how cute they look!

Water candles in shot glasses

No wax needed — these candles burn in water! You need a few shot glasses, poster colour, oil and cotton to make these cute little magical candles. Place it on your tables and decorate further with artificial or real flowers. These DIY water candles can also come to your rescue if you fall short of wax candles and diyas.

Fairy lights with a twist

Bored of the same old fairy lights? Why not add a twist when lighting up your home for the festivities? Influencer and craft artist Aditi can turn any fairy light into something extraordinary with stockings and tapes. Transform a simple fairy-light string into a vine of flowers twinkling in your room.

Diwali party props

Want to be the best Diwali party host? Then try these cool DIY props that’ll add to the charm, as you and your friends indulge in some funky photo sessions. You can even customise these quirky props with witty phrases and one-liners. Super easy to make, you just need some mount boards, sticks, glues, coloured papers and you are set.

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