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Monsoon reels

Monsoon recipes to aesthetics — it’s ‘raining’ reels on Instagram

Viral trends and talents that lit up the internet last week

Jaismita Alexander | Published 25.06.23, 01:16 PM
Reels of the week

Reels of the week

While rain plays hide and seek with Kolkatans, it’s pouring monsoon reels on Instagram. From rainy day nostalgia to monsoon recipes, there’s something to suit everyone’s mood. This time on the ‘Reels of the Week’ segment, we bring you #Top6 reels to watch and relax with.

#1 Rainy day memories of our childhood

Imagine you are 10 years old and you wake up to the pitter-patter sound of the rain. The school bus doesn’t turn up and it’s a rainy day at school! The joy of bingeing on Doraemon while slurping a bowl of Maggi was incomparable. This reel by @iamrealuv aptly captures that childhood nostalgia.


#2 Morning rain aesthetics

If you are someone who creates magic with a pen or brush, you know how aesthetically inspiring rains can be! @adirajart turns rain into his muse and enjoys the serenity of a rainy morning with this reel.

#3 Chai and monsoon, an eternal love story

A perfect cup of hot chai with a drizzle outside. What’s more satisfying than that? @homecookingshow beautifully presents this eternal love story in a reel. The raindrops creating ripples in a puddle, the drenched leaves and a frothy pour of the tea — everything about this reel is so pleasing!

#4 Monsoon recipe

Now when we have talked about chai, can khichdi be far behind? Most Bengalis will understand what we are talking about. A steaming hot plate of khichuri with an omelette and some peyajis on the side — can you celebrate the monsoon any better? @banglir_pakshala’s reel will certainly leave you craving this signature rainy day Bengali meal today!

#5 Bengal’s rain woes

Kolkata has been unfortunate with rains so far. The mid-June rain crisis is certainly distressing but this reel by @thedapperbong reminds us of another woe — rains during Durga Puja! While we melt in the summer praying for some shower, we certainly would hate to get drenched while pandal hopping. Wrong timing, very wrong timing!

#6 Rain (not so aesthetic) struggles

Romanticising the rain comes naturally to us but the struggles are real for some people. @shoebum.jpeg shows the other side of the story during monsoon through his reel. It reminds us that rainy days aren’t always beautiful for everyone.

Last updated on 25.06.23, 01:16 PM

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