Instagram reels that made us Insta-happy

Viral trends and talents that blew up last week and stopped our doom scrolling!

Jaismita Alexander Published 21.05.23, 05:25 PM
Reels of the week

Reels of the week

Can anyone deny that scrolling through Instagram has become a stressbuster? We certainly can't! Watching reels on Instagram has become our new favourite pastime. It’s like a buffet of short-format entertainment we can't resist. From seeing people dance like their limbs have a mind of their own and watching tutorials on how to make a five-course meal with only five ingredients, to just enjoying people showcase their talent, it's endless amusement. All in all, reels are a reminder that life is a rollercoaster, and we're all strapped in for the ride. So, sit back and enjoy as My Kolkata picks some feel-good reels from the past week…

#1 Uzbekistan brothers sing ‘Mere Dholna’

Dostonbek and Khakhramon are two brothers from Uzbekistan who have gone viral for their rendition of the song Mere Dholna (Ami Je Tomar) from Bhool Bhulaiyaa. The brothers belong to a music band called Havas Guruhi. The duo was apparently performing Bollywood numbers at Tashkent for an Indian audience a few months back when this semi-classical rendition was sung and soon went viral. Recently, they have also made trips to India to perform at various events!


The perfect notes and lyrics in the Uzbekistani voice has made our hearts go Yeh dil hai Hindustani!

#2 Mother-son goals!

Creator Rohit Bose and his mother Leena Bose have been creating draping videos together that are absolute maa-beta goals! They drape simple sarees and create endless looks together. The choice of songs and presentation of the videos are a total win!

#3 Mariyam Kisat drops another blind reaction reel

How many of us went ‘aww’ when Mariyam Kisat posted her bestie's blind reaction reel on her mashup of Unholy x Ram Leela x Ramta Jogi? We sure did! And she’s back with a bang as she drops her next blind reaction reel with her boyfriend Yogesh Sharma. This time, she slays with a mashup of Pasoori x Chura lia x Meri Jaan x Bella Ciao. While we love Mariyam’s voice, we can't take our eyes off Yogesh’s reaction!

#4 Wes Anderson ft. Kolkata

The 'Acting like in a Wes Anderson movie’ trend is so pleasing to the eyes! Among the plethora of such reels what caught our eyes was @srijitaghosh4u's Kolkata version! Especially the one the artist shot at Victoria Memorial draped in a white sari with a blue border. While we appreciate it for its aesthetics, we can't ignore its resemblance to our very own Didi. And the comment section agrees!

#5 Uncle Roger takes Gordon Ramsay's challenge

When Gordon went ‘Hai-yaa’ and threw Uncle Roger the cooking challenge, we had to stop scrolling. Anyway, you can’t really scroll past Uncle Roger! Comedian Nigel Ng took up the challenge and cooked a fish in his own style. Uncle Roger's funny take on Gordon's cookbook cover in the reel also makes us LOL!

#6 Melting in summer nostalgia

Summer vacations and green mangoes make up so much of our childhood memories! Having a mango tree in our garden or granny's was such a blessing. An animated illustration reel by @_potatoface_, aka Furtado, takes us back to those warm summer memories of kachhi keris. From the tree to the plate, the journey of the fruit is perfectly shown in the reel. And the sound effects and the background score make it a perfect ASMR video!

#7 Brown girl rants we can relate to

Aanchal Agarwal, aka @awwwnchal, has spoken directly to the heart of every single person struggling to find a match. And people who grew up around strict parents will relate to her. A brown mom's switch from strict mom to cool mom when children grow up is good until they say, “Find a match for yourself”. We totally agree when Aanchal asks, “Kaise patalo?” The skills that were never nourished are suddenly asked to be put to use. Her rant is hilarious and at the same time, very relatable.

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