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Diwali 2023

Quick and chic: Last-minute hacks for a picture-perfect Diwali home

From DIY décor to easy hacks — discover how to elevate your space in a flash!

Jaismita Alexander | Published 11.11.23, 06:46 PM
Decorating our homes for Diwali holds a cherished place in our hearts

Decorating our homes for Diwali holds a cherished place in our hearts


This Diwali, let your home undergo a breathtaking transformation, radiating joy and warmth. The spirit of Diwali transcends traditional rituals and festivities, embracing the art of adorning our living spaces in the most exquisite and vibrant ways. From vibrant rangolis embellishing doorways to radiant lights casting a warm glow in every nook, the act of decorating for Diwali holds a cherished place in our hearts.

For those in a time crunch, looking to swiftly infuse that much-needed Diwali charm into your space, here’s a plethora of home décor ideas. Get ready to draw inspiration and create a truly magical ambience in your abode in no time!


'Let there be light!' 

Opting for lights is the quickest way to deck out your home for Diwali when time is of the essence. Beyond fairy lights and tealights, the market offers a diverse array of options to effortlessly enhance the festive radiance. If you are in Kolkata, Ezra Street awaits, inviting you to discover a myriad of lights to illuminate your home in style.

DIY water candles with flowers

Water candles are a rage this year. People are getting more and more creative with it trying various hacks. With a few things at home, you too can make some stunning water candles. Check out @quinns_arte’s recent reel where she makes some dreamy water candles that can be used for table decorations. You too can use different flowers, beads, gems etc. and get creative with your water candles!

Easy and no-mess rangoli 

Many people struggle with making rangoli especially if they aren’t very good at it or just beginning. @my.decor.palette has the easiest hack for beginners to achieve a pro-level rangoli with only the help of your finger. This hack does not end up in a mess and can be done in a few minutes! To make it prettier, you can add in some flower petals and diyas too.

Quick seating arrangement 

Expecting guests? In a rush to give your living area a Diwali-ready makeover? Transform it swiftly with a cosy low-seating arrangement adorned with decorative cushions, complemented by garlands and fairy lights. This not only sets the festive mood but also creates a perfect photo spot for some Instagram-worthy shots! Get more such ideas from @shilpshilpabhii

Decorative candles 

Tea candles

Tea candles

Incorporate a touch of elegance with decorative candles in your Diwali décor. Explore various styles, including flower and diya-shaped candles, available in the market. For a safer alternative, opt for small battery-operated tea lights that mimic the charm of traditional Diwali candles. Easily accessible on Blinkit and Instamart, these are perfect for a last-minute rescue, casting a warm glow throughout your home.

Handmade torans and wall hangings

Torans can be bought from stores but you can also make it easily at home. Torans are usually put on the entrance door and are believed to welcome prosperity and good luck. If you love natural elements in your Diwali decoration, then you can go for Torans made with flowers and leaves. You can even get your own flowers and leaves and try making one yourself. Here’s a toran with lotus and banana leaf by @homenharmony that you can recreate this Diwali!

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