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Insta art reels — where technology meets creativity

Reels from artists that blew up last week and stopped our doom scrolling

Jaismita Alexander | Published 16.07.23, 02:27 PM

It’s time for our weekly roundup of the best Instagram Reels we’ve seen in the past week. And this time, we bring to you some of the most stunning art reels. From art hacks to realistic artworks, these artists have blown us away with their talent and creativity portrayed in these short videos. Scroll on…


1. Panipuris you can't eat

Are you a panipuri lover? Then, this painting by artist Rucha Limaye will surely make you crave some right away! The panipuris in this painting look so real that one might actually get fooled! We love the detailing and the vibrant colour! The chutney bowls on the sides are also very tempting! This reel by @ruandchai certainly did make us hungry.

2. Tickling nostalgia with this DIY balloon printing hack

Remember M.A.D? Music, Art, Dance – the educational television programme on Pogo? Then you must know Rob too! He was the first art teacher for most of us! Our favourite @artguyrob is back with some cool DIY tricks on Instagram reels! This printing hack with a balloon is perfect for making bottle art, creating designs on vases etc. If you are a millennial with a kid now, show them this hack by the DIY king!

3. Waterfall in a glass

Artists on Instagram are creating magic with their talent, skills and technology. @richa.chandrawanshi.arts, a resin artist, has created a waterfall in a whisky glass and it looks so natural! If you are someone who appreciates realistic artwork, this reel will truly mesmerise you! And if you want to learn how to make resin art, you should definitely hit the follow button for this IG handle!

4. In love with dioramas!

Dioramas are like magic created with art. Harry Potter-themed dioramas are all over the internet, but this one by @nikakrashen_illustrator is every Potterhead's weakness! It is Hagrid’s hut! The rustic, yet homely place tucked away in the Forbidden Forest. The place to find weird magical creatures! This reel features a backdrop with one of the pages from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and thus makes it all the more special for us Potterheads!

5. Muse in a market

An artist can find a muse anywhere and so did @artofchai. This artist found his muse in a market, selling vegetables and he immediately sketched her on his notebook. The smile on the face of the lady after seeing her sketch is priceless. This reel totally melts our heart.

6. Painting or not?

When art meets tech, it creates surreal masterpieces. @shikha.s_art has been using her artistic and editing skills to create a magical experience for her followers. Sometimes she makes sand art on the floor, and the next moment she turns it into an art that is wiped off the floor. Here's another mind boggling reel from the international artist with some 1.3M followers! Art or not? Decide for yourself!

7. 3D street art

No fancy canvas, no high-tech tools — this artist has made the pathway of the neighbourhood her canvas. @punamartacademy is a talented artist from Kolkata who makes street art with chalk and charcoal. Without anything fancy, Punam creates realistic 3D images on the road. In her recent reel, we see a few kids joining her in creating another masterpiece. The end result is undoubtedly wonderful like always!

Last updated on 16.07.23, 02:27 PM

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