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Spooky Halloween reel ideas you can try with your squad

Up your reel game on Instagram with these trending Halloween audios, concepts and filters

Jaismita Alexander | Published 30.10.22, 04:06 PM
Make scary or fun Halloween reels to enjoy with your friends

Make scary or fun Halloween reels to enjoy with your friends


All that makeup and spooky costumes, but no flexing? It’s Halloween after all. Why not post a few photographs and videos partying with your loved ones, along with that mandatory costume selfie? Trust us, they are super easy to make. Just look for different concepts, audio clips and filters readily available on Instagram and make your own Halloween reels. Your friends will be impressed for sure. Here are a few options you can try…

Twinkle, twinkle Halloween costume transition

Transition reels are always jaw-dropping. So, try this new Halloween reel where one goes from ‘Oh so innocent’ to ‘Oh God! So scary’. Get yourself a dagger-like prop and go from a no-makeup look to your Halloween look and scare those hooked on to their screens. Remember using the ominous audio of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This can also be tried out with your friends.


Spooky Skeleton dance

Are you and your friends good at picking up dance steps easily? Then this ‘Skeleton dance’ is just for you! The remix version of the song Spooky Scary Skeleton by Andrew Gold is trending on reels and people from all over the world are busy showing off their dance moves. The fun track is all you need to get into the Halloween mood.

Bedsheet Ghost trend with an Indian twist

Scrolling through reels, it’s unlikely that you haven’t come across this trend. The white bedsheet ghosts, with glares, posing at random places will go quite well with the melancholic Oh Klahoma song. It is effortless and fun! You can add an Indian twist to it by using coloured bedsheets and making the netizens go ROFL.

Unholy Squad Halloween Transition

The Unholy audio reel is just the perfect way to show off your cool Halloween makeup. This Halloween transition is something you ought to try with your besties. You can even try makeup filters to add more drama. Our pick? Halloween filter by alnk1.

‘This is Halloween’ pumpkin photoshoot

What is Halloween without the jack-o'-lantern? And this audio-reel, with pumpkin masks, is so apt for a fun Halloween activity with friends. Get yourselves a pumpkin jack-o'-lantern each and pose for some great photographs. Arrange and sync them to This is Halloween audio and there you go — a double-tap, ‘heart’ worthy reel with every possibility to go viral!

‘If ghosts aren’t real’ with your pets

This is the cutest Halloween trend on Instagram, where people put white bedsheets on their fur babies and let them lose! The cute four-legged ghosts running here and there or just posing for the camera will make everyone go ‘awww’. You can even add some Halloween filters to make the reel spookier.

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