Go on a Poila Baisakh budget-buying spree at these three shopping hotpots of Kolkata

Here's a Bengali New Year shopping list from Kolkata’s iconic markets – Gariahat, New Market and Hatibagan

Jaismita Alexander And Subhadrika Sen Published 13.04.23, 07:45 PM
The crowd of shoppers at New Market on last Saturday

The crowd of shoppers at New Market on last Saturday TT archives

Attention shopaholics! From Gariahat and New Market to Hatibagan, Chaitra sales are on with new stocks and hefty discounts on offer. My Kolkata raided the city's three favourite shopping destinations ahead of Poila Baisakh for fashion, home décor and accessories to bring you a list of what you can pick up from each of these three markets.

New Market

No matter what the occasion is, there’s always a crowd of shoppers at New Market and Esplanade. From clothes and fashion accessories to home decor, the choices are endless. If you are out shopping for Poila Baisakh, then New Market should definitely be on your list! Here are some of our top picks from a New Market shopping haul:


Fancy jutis

Jaismita Alexander

Right on Bertram Street, as you approach Hogg Market (New Market), both sides of the street are lined by shoe stalls. On the right is a stall selling traditional jutis that can be a perfect pick for your Poila Baisakh fit. Starting at just Rs 250, they have sequin and zari work, and can pair well with both ethnic and non-traditional outfits. Heading out for Poila Baisakh lunch? Dump those heels and flaunt these colourful jutis!

Classic china clay kettle

Jaismita Alexander

Are you doing up your home for the Bengali New Year? If you have a soft spot for vintage designs, then these teapots will be a perfect addition to your collection of crockery. Bengalis and their love for tea are undeniable, and these china clay creations are the perfect combination of fancy and vintage. You can get them for Rs 450 from any of the shops selling crockery. Don't forget to bargain!

Men's short kurtas

Jaismita Alexander

Beside the Ralli’s shop on Jawaharlal Nehru Road is a quaint shop that sells men's kurtas for only Rs 250 each. These printed cotton short kurtas with half sleeves are perfect for summers and can be a great addition to your Poila Baisakh wardrobe. Light yet fashionable, these kurtas come in various colours and prints such as Warli art, Kalamkari, Madhubani, and more.

Bonus: Expandable sippers for a sultry new year

Jaismita Alexander

Poila Baisakh ushers in the sultry summers, and with a heatwave set to hit West Bengal and its neighbouring states, it’s important to stay hydrated while shopping, and during the festivities. At New Market, one can get some cool and quirky sippers, and these cute, expandable silicon sippers caught our eye. The 500ml sippers are available in various colours and cost only Rs 250.


What New Market is to central Kolkata, Gariahat is to south Kolkata. Gariahat market is a major hub for fashion, home decor, food and other knick-knacks that you might spot. If you are planning to visit the market as Nabo Borsho knocks on the door, here are three picks to check out.

Blouses @ Rs 100

Subhadrika Sen

Straight ahead from the Hindustan Park juncture, you can spot a blouse stall. The shop’s special attraction is the ongoing Chaitra sale, where cotton, ajrakh, patchwork, Banarasi blouses are being sold at the pocket-friendly price of Rs 100 each. While low on cost, these readymade blouses do not compromise on style, and also come with enough margins for you to adjust as per your size. If you’re looking for blouses for your Poila Baisakh sari, or are stocking up on blouses for everyday wear, this shop is a must-visit. The sale is on every evening from around 4pm onwards till April 14, or until stocks last.

Shahaj Path-inspired wall art

Subhadrika Sen

Are you doing up your home for Poila Baisakh and have a blank space to fill on your wall? Check out the handicraft stores opposite Golden Flavour restaurant. You will be spoilt for choice for wall art, but what caught our eye was this framed Shahaj Path tiled artwork. Four tiles with illustrations from Tagore’s famous work are framed together in a vertical piece. This piece of heritage for your wall is available in golden and silver framework at Rs 350.

Thakurer Jama

Subhadrika Sen

Poila Baisakh also marks an auspicious day in any Bengali household. Homes and wardrobes get makeovers and additions, and Nabo Borsho feasts adorn the table. However, a part of the celebration also involves a cleaning and makeover for the sacred thakur ghor or mandir. From Gopal’s ghaghra to Krishna’s dhoti, Radha’s sari to Thakurer asan, you will find it all in the stalls right opposite Kimbadanti. These come in various sizes, colours and materials from cotton to silk and even brocade, starting at just Rs 20.


Hatibagan is a popular shopping destination in north Kolkata — a one-stop shop for clothes, jewellery, household essentials, home decor and more. Before Poila Baisakh, the stores stock up on their collections. Polish up on your bargaining skills, because bargaining here is a whole different ball game. Here are our picks from this shopping hub.

Embroidered potlis

Jaismita Alexander

These traditional embroidered potlis will perfectly compliment your ethnic look on Poila Baisakh. Available in various colours at just Rs 150, these are easy to carry and are the perfect size to fit in your phone, money and some makeup essentials.


Jaismita Alexander

In front of the Hatibagan KFC is a small shop that sells a variety of bangles. The set with an alternative monochrome and decorative arrangement is our pick. It costs Rs 300, and can pair beautifully with your ethnic picks.

Hatibagan is a great spot to shop for jewellery, and there is always new stock for fashion jewellery so you’re never out of options. From city gold to junk jewellery, there's something for everyone here and prices start as low as Rs 30 for a pair of earrings. Our picks are the cowrie shell and Ganesh motif necklaces that cost only Rs 100.

Cotton dupattas

Jaismita Alexander

With Poila Baisakh also bringing with it a heatwave, cotton is the fabric to turn to for your festive picks. We found a shop opposite Hatibagan’s M Bazar that sells a variety of cotton dupattas and scarves. These are soft and flowy, and available in a variety of colours for a pocket-friendly price of Rs 160.

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