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Valentine’s Day

Woo your boo with some timeless Bengali love anthems

Pick Anjan, Suman and Pota for your V-Day playlist. Prateek Kuhad will never know!

Pooja Mitra | Published 14.02.22, 05:37 PM
What are you listening to on Valentine’s Day?

What are you listening to on Valentine’s Day?

Shutterstock/Illustration by Tiyasa Das

Love is in the air today and while Phil Collins and Ariana Grande work just fine, let some classic Bangla music weave its magic on your playlist today. Whether you’re looking for catchy hooks for a road trip with your bae or need something for your virtual date, a dose of nostalgia only makes things easier.

From Kabir Suman ballads to Anjan Dutt’s fresh melodies, here are the best Bengali love tracks that should find a spot on your Valentine’s Day playlist.

'Taakey Joto Tarai' by Moheener Ghoraguli

Ekhono bhabe se phutbe palash, dakbe kokil, bichanay se phirbe paash…

Taakey joto tarai by Moheener Ghoraguli rules any love anthem playlist even in 2022. If you’re planning a low-key night, consider having this track on your list. You can also explore Lagnajita Chakraborty and Dibyendu Mukherjee’s cover of the number from the film Onnyo Basanto.

'Khodar Kasam Jaan' by Kabir Suman

Khodar kasam jaan, ami bhalobesechi tomaye…

As Kabir Suman effortlessly slides from Donovan-Baez’s Colours to Khodar kasam jaan in this live performance, the journey from ‘Courage, dear heart’ to ‘Yes, I am in love’ becomes a cakewalk.

'Tumi Na Thakle' by Anjan Dutt

Tumi na thakle Rabindranath kalir dowat mathay thukey hoto kupokat…

Candles, wine, and music — the perfect recipe for a cosy date. And nothing works better than Anjan Dutt’s cheeky Tumi na thakle to help keep the spirits high.

'Eita Tomar Gaan' by Chandrabindoo

Tumi jorer shesher surja dhowa ghar…

Love in the time of Coronavirus can get tricky. How about a candle-lit virtual date with Chandrabindoo in the background?

'Jokhon Nirobe Dure' by Sahar

Tomay chuntey chawar muhurtora, ke jane, ki abeshe dishahara…

Clear skies, a long drive and this song — the rest should be self-explanatory.

'Modhur Modhur Chaoni' by Bhoomi

Konna amar hrithpindo tiring biring kore re…

This Bhoomi number still has our heart and a place on your easy listening playlist.

'Bodhu Re' by Cactus

Tui amay pagol korli re…

This iconic Cactus track makes V-Day banter oh-so-easy. Just slip it into your crush’s DM and let cupid do the rest.

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