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Stuck at home or isolating? Beat the ‘Ekla Ghor’ blues with this Bangla band playlist

Nothing beats quarantine fatigue like 'Baranday Roddur' or a Moheener Ghoraguli rock ballad

Pooja Mitra | Published 25.01.22, 07:56 PM
A Bangla gaan a day keeps the solation blues away

A Bangla gaan a day keeps the solation blues away

Illustration by Tiyasa Das

A bout of nostalgia from the ‘90s or the early aughts can be the perfect pick-me-up for your mid-week blues. If you’re stuck at home isolating, alone, or just plain bored, stop doomscrolling and walk back in time to experience Sidhu and Pota’s musical chemistry, some cheeky Chandril verses or any old banger from Fossils. If your quarantine playlist doesn’t have a vintage Bhoomi, Chandrabindoo or Cactus number, you’re missing out because a Bangla gaan a day keeps those pesky isolation blues away. My Kolkata curated a handy list of Bangla band songs to keep you company when you're by your lonesome :

‘Bhalo Lage’ by Moheener Ghoraguli

No one voiced the angst of isolation quite like Moheener Ghoraguli’s frontman Gautam Chattopadhyay. The band shaped modern Bengali music with their timeless verses that resonate with listeners even today. 

Bhalo Lage is the perfect song for the housebound. It’s a feel-good number that acknowledges the little pleasures and also touches upon the solitary late afternoons that makes us ponder. It’s repeatable, nostalgic and definitely deserves a spot on your playlist.

‘Ekla Ghor’ by Fossils

Rupam Islam’s Ekla ghor has millions of views on YouTube, which makes us wonder whether the song was almost prophetic, now that we’re all stuck in our rooms! The track from the band’s eponymous 2002 album is almost like Boroline for the heartbroken and lonely (it also lets us all headbang, which is almost therapeutic).

‘Mon’ by Cactus

The Sidhu-Pota juti never fails to impress. The gentle, trippy Ami je cheyechi tomay has managed to live on as the chant of unreciprocated love, across generations. The band composed the track for the 2003 film Nil Nirjane and besides Halud Pakhi and Shudhu Tumi Elena, the song is perhaps the most successful number by the band. Mon also saw a Hindi remake in the 2007 series Love Story, which starred Payel Sarkar as the female lead.

‘Geet Gobindo’ by Chandrabindoo

Who would have thought Jaydev’s 12th-century epic Gita Govinda would fit in so seamlessly into a contemporary Bangla number? Geet Gobindo, written and composed by Chandril, is quirky and ridiculously romantic at the same time, a fusion that keeps it reveant to date.

‘Baranday Roddur’ by Bhoomi

Bhoomi’s Baranday Roddur is an instant mood lifter; one of the rare tunes that can be played on loop, out loud, be it in Pujo pandals, bhashans or in a lonely room. The number from the band’s 2000 album Jatra Shuru features a distinct balance of urban and folk sounds and is easily one of the most danceable tracks in modern Bengali music. 

Had a long day, with back-to-back Zooms? Step back in time with this sunny number.

‘Kemon Acho Shohor’ by Lakkhichara

Kemon Acho Shohor remains a popular ode to the Tilotamma, the city that effortlessly balances remnants of purono din with new-age ambitions. Bhanga Chora sob Purono Bari/ Tari Pase Flat sob Shari Shari defines Kolkata perfectly. For those who are away and homesick and yearning for a glimpse of their city, Kemon Acho Shohor works like a balm.

‘Jokhon Nirobe Dure’ by Sohor

Anindya Bose’s mellifluous, yearning number became one of the more memorable Bengali love anthems. If you’re singing to yourself, this is perfect because it needs no acoustic accompaniment. And if you’re dipping your toes in the virtual dating pool this season, this song is a great excuse to slip into someone’s DM.…

‘Ichhye Dana’ by Paras Pathar

To hope! In a pandemic-stricken world where everyone is fighting for a better tomorrow, Ichhye Dana is relevant and poignant. Ek jhank ichche dana, jader aaj urte mana/ Milbei tader obadh swadhinota can hit you quite hard if you haven’t stepped out in a while!

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