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Hate bras? Break free with these alternatives

From body tapes to pasties, the world of lingerie is expanding fast, to help you ditch the bra

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 31.03.22, 05:59 PM
Butt Chique’s boob tapes are body-loving and (right) Karuna Ezara Parikh wears a versatile fit by Hunkemöller India

Butt Chique’s boob tapes are body-loving and (right) Karuna Ezara Parikh wears a versatile fit by Hunkemöller India

@butt_chique/Instagram (L) and @hunkemollerindia/Instagram

Bras are not essentials — irrespective of what screaming billboards tell you. While we need support, coverage and even a little lift now and then — we don’t need to wear a bra! There, we said it.

Constrictive underwires, pinching straps, wrinkled cups and sweat-inducing fabrics simply won’t do for us in 2022. If you’re exploring the merits of going bra-free, this is the best time. From Kim Kardashian and Rihanna to independent domestic brands, a host of names are trying their best to offer efficient and body-loving bra alternatives. From stretchy bodysuits to boob tapes, camis, and even nipple covers, there’s a world out there if you want to ditch the bra! So, break free with these options!

Boob Tape

If Kim Kardashian can trust body tapes for her jet-setting lifestyle, so can we. It’s the most seamless solution for replacing your bra. They’re not just easier to wear but are also designed for specific areas of your body, so you can have the perfect cleavage or the ideal lift. The single-use tapes are breathable and stretchable and their adhesive can last for 8-10 hours. Kamakshi Agarwala’s brand Butt Chique has efficient, body-loving boob tapes and also some great plus-size options.

Nipple Pasties or Silicone Nipple Covers

Not only do pasties let you go bra-free with ease, but they can also make you feel like a Hadid sister or a Kate Moss on the runway! Models love pasties because they help prevent nip slips. Pasties or nipple covers also help protect the sensitive skin around your nipples and prevent friction. You can use nipple pasties with boob tape to ensure the adhesive doesn’t hurt your skin. You can also go for reusable silicone pasties, depending on your usage. 

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For optimal coverage, bandeau tops are ideal. They’re strapless strips of stretchy fabric that offer the support and hold of a regular bra without any harsh underwiring. They work like slip-on bras and often come with pockets to insert pads. You can even style them with saris! You can find some great strapless bandeaus here.


Shapewear and bodysuits

Shapewear isn’t just control lingerie but it can also offer support and coverage and effortlessly replace your daily bra. Not only do they help smoothen flabby bits, they’re designed to flatter your natural body shape. From full body suits to tummy-tuck shorts, the options are plenty. Dermawear has some great picks.

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