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Five pointers for brides and grooms to remember on their wedding day

Between planning ‘us-time’ to makeup touch-ups and clicks with close friends, here’s what you should keep in mind on your special day

Lygeia Gomes | Published 08.12.22, 06:01 PM

Who said planning the perfect wedding was easy? The to-be-weds usually focus on every detail, making sure nothing goes off the track. Monica Geller’s famed line — “T-minus so and so hours” is bellowed ever-so-often, amping up the pace for all preparations.

Besides making sure everyone attending the event is well-looked after, My Kolkata doles out five pointers for the bride and the groom to follow on their big day…


Plan some ‘Us’ time

Don’t let your first dance and the cutting of the cake be the only time you spend with each other during the event that marks your ‘beginning of forever’. As you move from ‘me’ to an ‘us’, make sure you allot some ‘we-time’ on the day of your wedding. Be it dancing together to your favourite songs or a long drive between the wedding ceremony and the reception, pack in some good quality time.

Keep a backup outfit

No one can account for that glass of red wine spilling on the groom’s shirt or the bride boiling in her wedding dress. So, a backup outfit is a neat trick that can curb any unfortunate wardrobe situation. Now, the backup attire need not be as over-the-top as the star, but one that looks good in photographs is enough!

Makeup touch-ups all evening

Ask a friend (preferably someone, whose explore page is filled with beauty hacks) to be by your side, so your makeup is always flawless. Touch-ups are essential all through the evening (both for the bride and the groom).

Clicks with close friends a must

There should be an endless number of pictures with your close friends. There’s a high chance you’ll miss out on a few cute clicks. So, remember to capture all the happy moments with them as much as possible. After all, they’re your die-hard supporters.

Stay hydrated (and eat your wedding buffet)

Keep yourself hydrated on the reception day, so that you can tear up the dance floor with your partner. Also, make sure to sample the buffet you so carefully curated.

Last updated on 08.12.22, 06:05 PM

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