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Mother's Day

Enjoy a slice of #MomLife with these talented ‘momfluencers’ on Instagram

Funny, witty and stylish — here are some talented mothers setting #MomGoals on the ’gram

Jaismita Alexander | Published 12.05.24, 06:14 PM

She is funny, she is witty too. If she is a fashion diva, she is also a mom who is always on her toes. If she is a traveller, she is also a good planner and disaster manager. Moms on Instagram are mothers — and also content creators. This Mother's Day, My Kolkata lists some inspiring ‘momfluencers’ on the ’gram who share a slice of their lives with their IG fam.

Shalvi Mangaokar aka @shaallwe

An entrepreneur and mom, Shalvi Mangaokar shares humorous videos about her motherhood and marriage. But the most popular content of hers revolves around her multilingual kid. Shalvi is a Marathi girl married to a Bengali man. Hence, their daughter is exposed to four languages — Marathi, Hindi, English and Bengali. While the mommy is proud of it, sometimes it does get a little confusing for her. The toddler comes up with hilarious jumbled up words originating from more than one language! While the mom-influencer shares them with a tinge of humour, she is also very proud of her daughter's creativity. Check out what her munchkin came up with recently!


Nabela Noor Martin aka @nabela

Designer and author Nabela Noor Martin, a mom of two beautiful daughters, shares her aesthetic life on the ’gram. Nabela, who is a lifestyle vlogger, began by sharing her unfiltered journey on social media. From her struggles to become a mom to her motherhood, Nabela's content is inspiring to her 2.5 million followers. The homemaker maintains a spic-and-span and aesthetic home while cooking and enjoying daily life with her children. With roots in Bangladesh, Nabela is settled in Pennsylvania with her husband Seth Martin. Her videos feature her daily routine with her two daughters who sometimes speak in Bengali. Her wholesome videos make her an inspiring mom.

Malvika Sitlani aka @malvikasitlaniofficial

A beauty content creator, Malvika Sitlani shares a lot of fashion and beauty reels. A new mom, Malvika's recent videos also sometimes feature her little one Abby who instantly wins the heart of the followers. A ‘Santoor mom’, she also shares her journey into motherhood from time to time, inspiring many young moms. She is an inspiration to many women who juggle motherhood and their passion. While she is a successful influencer, she is also a hardworking mommy looking after her little baby.

Vironika Khurana aka @thearrangedsouls

Vironika Khurana, who shares relatable content on marriage and motherhood, is celebrating her first Mother's Day — with her six-month-old baby, Ronan. The mother has been creating humorous and relatable reels of her new life as a mom. She shares the struggles with a touch of humour that clicks with several other moms like her. Enjoying her motherhood to the fullest, this mom is a true influencer putting out the realities of motherhood without any filters!

Mohua Chinappa aka @mohua_chinappa

Columnist, podcaster and Instagrammer Mohua Chinappa is a ‘momfluencer’ too. Her videos on Bengali word meanings are popular for her beautiful narration. But her videos with her mother have also gone viral for their innocent beauty. Mohua's mother's video of offering her a Singapore dollar to use in London is the purest form of love one can see online. The simplicity of the video was showered with much love and the video garnered 49.7K likes. Since then, the Instagrammer's followers wait for her videos featuring her mom.

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