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The big beauty battle: Can homegrown labels rival the new Clarins Lip Oil?

The OG ‘90s lip gloss got a makeover, but have domestic beauty brands come up with something better?

Ujjainee Roy | Published 03.02.22, 06:02 PM
The new Clarins Lip Comfort Oil; (right) Enn Beauty’s Pucker is an overnight lip mask that also works as a lip stain

The new Clarins Lip Comfort Oil; (right) Enn Beauty’s Pucker is an overnight lip mask that also works as a lip stain

Clarins’ cult-favourite lip oil just got a revamp and the new formula is already the talk of the town. It’s lighter, slicker, more consciously designed, and resembles every fruity lip gloss from the 2000s! The Clarins Lip Comfort Oil which was originally launched in the nineties has always been a mix of make-up and skincare. But the new iteration of the product is more efficient, it’s essentially an oil with a terrific sheer base, that works like a lip stain and also has an impressive staying power.

But the reason behind its hyper popularity is probably its list of contents since the updated version of this old-school favourite relies on a powerful trio of responsibly harvested, organic natural plant oils, like omega-rich sweetbriar rose oil, cold-pressed jojoba oil and hazelnut oil which helps hydrate and nourish lips. Moreover, five out of the eight shades are pH-reactive, which means the colour adapts to the natural pigmentation of your lips and skin. 


But over the years, homegrown labels have introduced their own versions of lip care products, some of which rely on natural and ethically-sourced ingredients. They may just be as functional as the Clarins product and may even be a tad more economical (the Clarins Comfort Lip Oil costs $27 which roughly adds up to a steep Rs 2,020).

So, do we have a competitor on the homefront that could match the credentials of this trending lip oil? Let’s find out:


mCaffeine is India's first caffeinated personal care brand which made a splash with its PETA-certified coffee bean-shaped bathing bars. The brand offers an efficient and vegan Coffee Lip Polishing Oil which is non-sticky, travel-friendly and smells like roasted coffee! It uses coffee oil that reduces pigmentation, along with shea butter and rosehip oil which are famous for their hydrating properties.

“There is a shift towards the naturals segment as consumers are worried about chemicals. We have acted swiftly to adapt to changing consumer preferences and have expanded our offerings in the clean label (natural as a choice) which the brand embodies. We have always been conscious of what ingredients we use and are mindful of the expectations of the millennials,” shares Tarun Sharma, co-founder and CEO.

The oil is sheer and doesn’t work like a coloured gloss. It should ideally be applied as a base or on top of lipstick. Although it's less watery than the Clarins lip oil it has a roll-on applicator that glides on your lips easily and makes it a great on-the-go pick. Plus, it costs Rs 349! 

Our take: Not a substitute but a great bargain buy.

Enn Beauty

The best way to find a replacement for any cult beauty favourite is to search by ingredients. Enn Beauty has a dedicated lip care range and one of their standout picks is Pucker, which is an overnight lip mask that can be used as a lip tint and has jojoba oil, just like the Clarins lip treatment.

Now, we know it’s not fair to pit a lip scrub against a lip oil, but much like the Clarins lip oil, this one too was conceived as a skincare agent and not just lip colour.  The lovely berry-hued scrub has jojoba oil, honey, shea butter and 1% hyaluronic acid, which plumps your lips and hydrates it intensely. The slightly grainy, buttery texture can be quite a shift especially for people who are used to glossy lip products. But the slight, plum-like stain is lovely and works for all skin tones, although it does not replace a gloss and can’t always work with other lip tints or lipsticks.

Our take: Not a replacement, but still a must-have


The Ayurveda-backed ethical beauty brand works with Himalayan communities and only relies on organic ingredients. Soul Tree has a line of non-sticky lip glosses that are deeply moisturising and are made with ingredients like rose oil, wild honey and almond oil. The Clarins lip oil has more buildability than this pick because it’s quite watery in spite of being designed like an oil. But SoulTree’s formula works great if you’re not looking for a heavy gloss, and it’s also a lot more economical. Although, the Clarins palette is definitely more diverse and chicly packaged.

Our take: A worthy competitor

Ras Luxury Oils

The tinted lip balm by Ras Luxury Oils is the closest thing to the Clarin lip oil, vis-a-vis consistency. It’s buildable and slick but not too runny and can be re-applied more than once. The range only has three colours and they feature ingredients like jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, castor seed oil. This tinted balm could be just as potent and functional as the Clarins number because it works as a cheek tint as well. For someone looking for a multi-tasking lip colour, this modestly priced balm is ideal!

Our take: The next best thing

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