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How do homegrown brands fare against Rare Beauty’s top-selling Melting Blush?

Selena Gomez and Co have made a ‘mistake-proof’ blush. But do our domestic brands have something better?

Ujjainee Roy | Published 23.03.22, 06:12 PM
Rare Beauty’s popular Melting Blush and (R) superfood label Ilana’s new Dream Blush

Rare Beauty’s popular Melting Blush and (R) superfood label Ilana’s new Dream Blush


We love a good celebrity beauty line and when it comes to spring essentials, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty checks a lot of boxes for us. The brand’s Melting Blush acquired a cult status the minute it dropped. The liquid-like creme blush offers a non-greasy blend of lightweight oils and spherical powders.

The mousse-like formula is one-of-a-kind; it’s almost like a liquid blush, but a lot more buildable. It has a balanced pigmentation and doesn’t settle into creases or get cakey . The ‘Melting’ Blush actually does melt into your skin to offer a soft, effortless flush.


In short, it’s perfect! But have homegrown labels already come up with something equally efficient and cheaper? Let’s see if this top-selling blush has a competitor on the homefront:

Kay Beauty

Katrina Kaif’s label Kay Beauty just dropped a line of hydrating creme blushes that offer toolless application. They’re blendable, offer a natural finish and have a mousse-like texture. However, it is heavier than Rare Beauty’s Melting Blush. If you want a subtle, sun-kissed flush, the Melting Blush should be your pick over this one.

Our verdict: Not a substitute, but a worth a try


Ilana is India’s first superfood beauty brand and just dropped a line of long-wearing gel-cream blushes in three shades — Flamingo Pink, Peachy Peach and Galaxy Plum. The cheek tints are light, incredibly blendable and well-pigmented. They also double up as eye-shadow and lip tint. Not to mention, they’re made with natural ingredients and have an aloe vera base which soothes irritation. However it only lasts for 4-5 hours, while the Melting Blush stays on for much longer and comes in five shades.

Our verdict: A close second

Sugar Cosmetics

Consistency is crucial when you’re picking a blush. Rare Beauty uses the word ‘melting’ for its signature product because the blush literally melts to the touch, like a liquid. However, creme formulas come in many forms. The Face FWD Blush Stick by Sugar Cosmetics is a great on-the-go option, although not as moisturising as its competitor. It’s light, non-greasy, buildable and offers an effortless matte look. You can even apply it without a mirror. And it’s almost half the price!

Our verdict: Almost as good as the real thing (give or take a few points)


You might think a blush palette can’t match up to the consistency of the Melting Brush’s seamless, smooth formula. But Nykaa’s Blush duo palette is quite the stunner. The palette features a primary colour and a subtler accent shade for blending and softening. It offers a silky, natural-looking finish and is also great for contouring and soft-sculpting. However, if you’re a creme blush loyalist and only want a super creamy consistency in your blush, this may not be your thing.

Our verdict: Not an alternative, but still a must-have

Daughter Earth

Daughter Earth’s vitamin-infused Lip and Cheek tint uses vegan pigments. The formula is made with handpicked frozen wild sea berries (picked at 12000+ ft altitudes in Himalayan deserts) and Candelilla Wax, which is a kinder, plant-based wax made without animal byproducts. This comes quite close to the Melting Blush in formulation because it can be melted or activated by slightly rubbing it. Like the Rare Beauty product, it also lets your natural skin texture shine through. Plus, it’s creamy, hydrating and comes in 12 shades!

Our verdict: A worthy competitor

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