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Bow wow! Reeling over the dogs of Instagram

From funny and educational to loving and playful, these furbaby reels brightened up our browsing

Urvashi Bhattacharya | Published 02.07.23, 01:45 PM


A dog is a man/woman/child’s best friend – be it at a park or on an Instagram Reel. And yes, we love them all! Some may be silly, some may be smart, but all of them are compassionate. Here are a few reels that blew up last week and had us laughing over our furry friends’ antics.

#1 Food is love

Dogs don't really ask for much. A little love, some snuggles, and yes, food. So, when this stray baby came up to @kartavyasociety, how could she turn away? The hope in the doggy’s eyes, the tail wagging with anticipation... we could just take it home. @kartavyasociety will now be feeding this dog on a daily basis, so, all in all, a good day for both of them.


#2 Kaley Cuoco is a dog person

Imagine taking part in a quiz and being handed over a pup for every right answer. We felt exactly like Kaley Cuoco did during one of her shows at @fallontonight, when the actor and Jimmy Fallon competed for puppies in a pup quiz. If this isn’t adorable, then we don't know what is!

#3 It’s not the dog, it’s the parents

This reel can play as an example to all pet parents out there. The reel shows the journey of an agitated and aggressive dog who unlearns and relearns love and trust. With baby steps, the owner makes his pet comfortable with him and slowly removes his muzzle. By the end of the video, the doggo is as happy as he can be.

#4 If dogs could talk

Yes, it is a lifelong dream to be able to communicate with your dog pals. But it might not be something that has been thought all the way through. Comedian @amircomedy gave us somewhat of an idea with his stand-up snippet on @hollywoodimprov where he expressed that his phone would be blowing up with messages because his dog is so needy. Check out the video to see if you agree.

#5 Love has no bounds

This reel is both serious and true. Your doggo can’t always be happy and can get aggravated, just like humans. This causes the dog to act out in certain ways. Here’s a clear example of a pet who bit their owner and the owner was advised to send the dog away. That is not the solution. The only responsible thing for a pet parent to do at this point is to trust and love their pet. Check out this reel which showcases a similar situation.

#6 Do you know how to lift bro?

Playing and lifting up dogs is a stress buster. But we have to know how to do it right. You can’t help but lift one (a small breed) up and give them a gentle squeeze. This reel shows a safe way to pick up your dog, which causes less strain to their legs and shoulders. Take a look.

Last updated on 02.07.23, 01:45 PM

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