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International Dog Day 2022

Petstagram accounts that will get you through a ruff day!

Meet these famous dogfluencers on International Dog Day

Shayeree Ghosh | Published 26.08.22, 08:58 PM
L-R: Watson and Kiko, Maya, Oscar and Karma are some of Instagram's most popular pets

L-R: Watson and Kiko, Maya, Oscar and Karma are some of Instagram's most popular pets


There is nothing like a cute dog post on social media to help us get through a rough day (or week). Instagram’s dogfluencers (their accounts are run by their humans) are some of the most-loved on the social media platform. Celebrities and their adorable furry friends aside, there are some aww-inducing Petstagram accounts worth checking out for your dose of happy endorphins.

The international stars

Maya The Samoyed 

This little munchkin has embedded her claws in our hearts and souls with her cuteness. Maya and her hooman believe in spreading floof and happiness, one cute instagram post at a time.

Benson German Shepherd 

Benson, ‘the best boy’ has a personality to match his name. He is as mischievous as he is good, will guard you with his life but be active at dawn on weekends. Benson also indulges in identity theft from time to time.

Watson and Kiko

Although we lost Kiko to cancer last year, this brother duo went viral on the Internet when Watson apologised to Kiko for eating his chewy by hugging him. This is further proof that dogs set unrealistic standards because which sibling will ever say sorry for eating your food?

TUCKER | The Golden Retriever

Tucker and Linda are one of the Internet’s favourite doggo-hooman duo. Although Tucker only wants chimken and is a doting father to his son Todd, he is also a huge celebrity and his nomination in the American Influencer Award is testament to his undisputed rule.

Sterling Newton

This Canadian doggo and his little brother Colin (@colinthegolden), while not always the best of friends (siblings, right?), have their moments. Like any other sibling duo, they sometimes love the same things like booty scratches and riding trains and can be found complaining about each other to their paw-rents.

Our much-loved desi dogfluencers

Oscar | Karma

Oscar and Karma made headlines in July when a video of them greeting their hooman won over netizens. They have been chief guests, gone on travels together and have the best time exploring. The sweetest thing we’ve seen perhaps is this video that reminds us that the bond between a grandparent and their grandchild is like nothing else!


This full-time doggo, part-time sports coach has a hooman baby sister who he loves hanging out with and wants to take along on adventures. Whiskey knows his sister is his best friend and will be the best sports partner. Whiskey also enjoys road trips and posing for adorable pictures.

Cheesecake Chakraborty 

Sorry rosogolla, Cheesecake wins this round! This happy-go-lucky doggo is a hygiene enthusiast, francophile and has frequent meet and greets with his fans.

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