The Good Enough Mom stocks up on back-to-school supplies

Discover school supplies that are practical and fun for kids and you!

Shivangi Gulati Bhambani Published 24.06.24, 03:53 PM
Cute, useful or just plain fun items can be easily added to your shopping list to make the back-to-school experience enjoyable for the kids

Cute, useful or just plain fun items can be easily added to your shopping list to make the back-to-school experience enjoyable for the kids Shutterstock

Summer break is over or about to get over for some and school is about to be in session. It’s finally time! Children are excited to meet their friends , and parents are giddy to get a semblance of a schedule going again. I never thought back-to-school supplies would excite me, but I have surprised myself. These cute, useful or just plain fun items can be easily added to your back-to-school agenda, irrespective of the grade or class your child is in. And guess what? You can buy most of them (if not all) online! So you don’t even need to leave your house.


It is important to have everything neatly labelled for school. The unreliable permanent ink markers are pulled out only if I forget to order labels from Label Shabel. They understand that for every lost water bottle or notebook there is a mom pulling her hair out. The homegrown brand has peel and stick on name labels, which make the entire process easy. They also have waterproof iron-on labels and bag tags — you can choose from various size options and designs for different ages and stages of school.


Buy here.


I don’t believe in changing backpacks frequently, thankfully my son is the same. He latches on to the one he likes, and now wants to maintain and take it to school regularly. My Baby Babbles have a sturdy backpack that they customise and it will stand the test of time. You can choose the colour, patch and initials which personalise the backpack making it less likely to get lost.

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Shoe cleaners

Keeping your kids’ shoes looking clean and tidy is a great way to make sure they look smart while aligning with school guidelines. Since they wear their school shoes basically all day, five days a week, it's important to keep them clean and as long-lasting as possible. Cleaning wipes works great on leather and canvas shoes and presents an effective alternative to polishing daily. I still do apply the polish, but on days where I forget (quite frequent), these wipes are a saving grace. Quick and efficient in cleaning the dirt off , they do the trick. This has been a rewarding discovery because my son is actively involved — he comes home from school and wipes his shoes off.

They are easily available on Amazon.

Lunch Box

Bbox is a leakproof lunch box for all ages with different size variations. It has a unique flexi fruit holder to fit a whole apple for the older ones. The dividers are slidable and all seals are removable for thorough cleaning. It’s literally built for the little ones and grows with them.

You can find them on Amazon.

Art and Writing Supplies

Cupik Design does personalised stationery like nobody else. Waterproof pencil cases, etched pencils, personalised clipboards, notebooks, writing practice books, sketch books, crayon boxes – they have it all.

Whether you're starting a new grade, transitioning to a new school, or simply looking to refresh your stationery collection, having the right supplies can help you start the year off on the right foot.

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Water bottles

Rabitat flip-lock bottles are lightweight and leakproof. The bottles are available in a range of colours and characters. They are smash proof and can withstand bumps and falls. This bottle works up till seven years of age; Rabitat has different options for older children. They also have a new range of insulated bottles.

You can get them here.

I have narrowed down all the top must-haves, but if you're still feeling overwhelmed (I totally get it!), just focus on the priority items. The absolute must-buys are backpacks, pencils, notebooks – you get the drill. Then, move on to the flashy stuff your child will be super grateful for. To kick your shopping extravaganza up a notch, make sure to keep an eye out for all the sales going on around this time.

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