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Heatwave got you melting? Cool down with these Insta-inspired summer recipes

From ice creams and fruits to panta bhaat — try these cooling and light summer foods at home

Jaismita Alexander | Published 28.04.24, 04:37 PM

Are you keeping hydrated during the prevailing heatwave conditions? While you sip on your summer drinks, it is also important to get in all your usual nutrition. A big bowl of salad or homemade popsicles seem to be the ultimate comfort food as the temperature crosses 40°C almost every day here in the city. While you enjoy the freshness of the summer recipes, they also cool you down from the inside. Light on the stomach, packed with flavours, My Kolkata explores some ‘summer cuisine’ by content creators on Instagram to beat the heat.

Freshness of mango, goodness of curd

If you fancy summers, one of the reasons has to be mangoes! But raw mangoes have a separate fan base. Raw mangoes can be relished in various recipes or enjoyed peeled and chopped with salt and chilli. Rich in vitamins and minerals, raw mangoes are good for your body. If you pair it up with curd rice, you will be creating a wholesome nutritious meal that will keep you cool this summer. The probiotic benefits of curd and the carbohydrate-rich rice make for an easy and healthy lunch. Creator @_indian_tastebuds_ shows how to make Raw Mango Curd Rice topping the plain curd rice with raw mango, pomegranate and summer veggies.


It is the time for Panta Bhaat!

For the longest time, Panta Bhaat stayed as a hidden gem to the world until Kishwar Chowdhury took it to MasterChef Australia. The traditional dish got international exposure and since then, many food content creators have added their innovations to it. The speciality of this recipe lies in its simplicity. Full of probiotics, Panta Bhaat is fermented rice that is relished during the summers with a side of alu bhorta or fried veggies and fritters. While you can try different things to pair up with your Paanta Bhat, you can also follow @snehasinghi1’s recent reel to make a traditional version of it. Enjoy your lunch and don't miss the bhaat ghum it brings on!

A  recipe to make summer veggies tasty!

Are you finding it difficult to fit in veggies in your daily menu? Try this tasty Dahi Mixed Vegetables recipe by @chefvinnyshukla. Quick and light on the stomach, this can be relished with rice or roti or just like a salad. If you have kids who push the veggies out from their plate, there is a good chance that they will like this new way of eating vegetables. This will also be a saviour recipe for you if you have little time to cook but need your daily nutrition and fibres.

Is it watermelon or ice-cream?

Content creator @iamdatingfood has created a tasty fusion of watermelon and ice cream that looks exactly like watermelon slices! So, you don't have to choose between the two. Enjoy this homemade healthy ice cream made from real watermelon with no artificial flavours or colours. It is also very good for children. All you need are three ingredients — watermelon, condensed milk and powdered milk. You can use some chocochips to recreate the seeds. A fun, tasty and healthy ice cream that is perfect for a summer treat.

Mango lovers, where art thou?

Juicy, ripe mangoes are making their appearance in the markets and it calls for some mango desserts! While you can make hundreds of desserts with ripe mangoes, this Mango Shrikhand is a must-try. @thecookingamma gives the classic Shrikhand an ‘Aam’ twist. Easy to make, this dessert will be a perfect end to a summer day meal. Sideline those fancy cheesecakes and mousses, try this desi Shrikhand and win hearts!

Snowy treat!

Who doesn't like sorbets on a hot summer day! Snowy, melt-in-the-mouth sorbets touch your tongue and cools you down as it reaches your stomach. Sorbets are similar to our desi golas and @ohyumness creates an easy Grapes Sorbet. With just two ingredients, this Grapes Sorbet looks fun and tasty. No worries about hygiene issues, just make golas at home with real fruits and enjoy with your family! Healthy and fun, you will love it!

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