Gastronomic delights aplenty in Kolkata, this week

The Telegraph gives you the deets

The Telegraph Published 13.10.22, 02:12 AM

What: Masters of Marriott Bonvoy in Kolkata with The Crossing

Where: JW Marriott Kolkata


When: October 14 and 15 (dinner), October 16 (lunch)

Timings: Lunch: 1pm to 3pm (cocktail hour: noon to 1pm), dinner: 8pm to 10.30pm (cocktail hour: 7pm to 8pm)

What to expect: Chef Sunil Datt Rai, head of gastronomy, LemonButter, the parent company of The Crossing, one of the most sought-after Indian dine dens in Dubai will be in Kolkata to offer connoisseurs a taste of his specialty restaurant. Launched in the year 2020, The Crossing has emerged a favourite for its elevated Indian cuisine. The three founders of the restaurant come from different parts of India. The Crossing is aptly named because its food is essentially that — the crossing of cultures, shared Indian experiences and the multiple food varieties that coexist in the subcontinent. The restaurant is a celebration of the Indian subcontinent’s diversity in Dubai. The Crossing reminisces lost cuisines and ingredients to create a new narrative where traditional classics stand side by side with forgotten recipes. They uphold mainstream Indian cuisine but continue to showcase a more offbeat side with food from the Rajput kitchens, hidden gems from North-East India, and simple yet robust recipes from India’s massive coastline. In addition to traditional fare, they shine a spotlight on the foreign influences that have historically found their way into Indian cuisine from places as far as the Caribbean, Portugal, France and Great Britain.

Pocket pinch: Rs 6,500 for a six course meal

For reservations: Call on 74394 50748

Brush your culinary skills with Natasha Celmi

What: Festive cooking workshop with Natasha Celmi

Where: The Salt House, Shakespeare Sarani

When: October 14

Timings: 3pm to 5.30pm

What to expect: t2 food columnist and chef Natasha Celmi is here to teach you how to whip up some festive treats that will enthrall guests at your parties this festive season. Plating and presentation will also be a key part of the workshp. The vegetarian menu includes Mexican Tortilla Salad Cups, Nutty Cheese Log Platter, Cucumber Sushi Boats, Black Rice Salad, Spinach Pesto Potato Skins, Harissa Tofu Skewers, Olive Spread and Zucchini Crostini and much more. Non-vegetarian variations will be discussed.

Pocket pinch: Rs 2,500 per person

Register on: 80470 92574

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