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Beat the heat with these Instagram-inspired summer sips

Food content creators have unlocked their treasure trove of summer drinks!

Jaismita Alexander | Published 21.04.24, 04:08 PM

The heat outside is hovering at 40°C, ready to suck up all your energy. During these difficult days, one needs a 101 handbook to keep hydrated. While you can always sip on lemonade and other fresh fruit juices, a little innovation and unique flavours for your sips aren’t too bad either! As My Kolkata opened up the ’gram’s treasure trove of content, we found some healthy, refreshing and easy-to-make drink recipes from some talented food content creators.

Elevate the lemonade

Lemonade is the easiest way to stay hydrated while enjoying the sweet and sour concoction. It is refreshing and instantly gives you a boost of energy. But have you ever considered elevating this simple goodness? @foodfusionpk takes the regular lemonade a step further by adding cucumbers to it — making an uber refreshing Cucumber Lemonade Cooler. This not only gives a fresher taste, but also helps you with hydration and detoxification. Easy to make, this drink can be an all-day sip this summer.


The goodness of guava

Packed with vitamins and dietary fibres, guavas can also make for a great drink. If you are bored of eating this fruit with a pinch of salt and chilli powder, you can try this Guava Fresh Lime Soda recipe by @cookwithnidhiii. This is also a handy recipe if the guavas are ripe, mushy, yellow ones that most people dislike. With a bit of mint leaves, a tangy dash of lime and some other seasonings, you can make a soda that is rejuvenating and tasty. Give it a try!

Bengal’s own Aam Panna

In love with raw mangoes? Then you will fall in love with this recipe for an Aam Pora Sharbat. Very similar to Aam Panna, this drink has a unique tangy-sweet flavour. @bengaligirl.tries, in a recent reel, shows an easy-peasy way of making this delightful concoction. The pulpy green mango drink is perfect for summer afternoons when you crave for something cool and sour at the same time. Enjoy a glass of this drink that is a little sweet, tangy and with hints of smokiness. A great source of Vitamin C, Aam Pora Sharbat will leave you re-energized.

Have you tried Panakam?

A typical drink made during Ram Navami, Panakam is offered to the deity as a prasad. But this is also a refreshing drink that gives you instant energy. As it is made with jaggery, it helps you with a supply of glucose during hot summer days. In a reel, @nehadeepakshah gives a step-by-step process of making this drink, which is quite popular in south India. It requires very little effort and can be made with ingredients usually available at home.

A melony twist to the Mojito

Watermelon lovers say ‘cheers’ because it is that time of the year when you can savour this fruit in a hundred different ways. Make salads or drinks, you might not be bored till it lasts fresh in the market during summer. If you are planning a house party, you can try mixing your spirits with this refreshing fruit to make cocktails. You can even make delish mocktails. @homecookingshow has a quick recipe for a watermelon mojito that can be made with or without alcohol. Let your body cool down as you unwind with friends and enjoy a summer evening.

Don't drink your milk hot!

Are you turning down hot beverages because it is already too hot? Maybe that's the same reason why your kiddos hate drinking hot milk now. This time, try making it interesting for the munchkins with this cold chocolate milk recipe by @chefkunal. This is also a delicious drink for all those who fancy hot chocolate. A cold version of the decadent drink, this Cold Choco Milk will become a favourite while the goodness of milk nourishes the little ones. Try it today!

Last updated on 21.04.24, 04:09 PM

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