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New menu

8th Day Cafe & Bakery introduces two new sips and five bites

New offerings include a frothy macchiato, wholesome protein bowls and more

Lygeia Gomes | Published 24.08.22, 08:12 PM

8th Day Cafe & Bakery, the seven-year-old cafe chain in Kolkata with three outlets dotting the city, has expanded its menu with two sips and five bites! “We had not tweaked our menu in over two years, so this was long overdue. We’ve been working on these items for a while now and we hope these items will help diversify the menu,” said Rakesh Sikdar, director and head coffee roaster of 8th Day Cafe & Bakery.

My Kolkata dropped in at the bakery’s Salt Lake outlet on a rainy evening to get a taste of all that’s new.


Iced Caramel Macchiato

All images by Sourav Nandy

The Iced Caramel Macchiato is a layered drink made with a full-bodied espresso, vanilla flavoured syrup, frothy milk, whipped cream, ice cubes and a drizzle of caramel that seals the deal. Served in a stout glass, the iced drink is the perfect refreshment on a sweltering day.

Red Cappuccino

The Red Cappuccino at the bakery is a zero-caffeine tea that’s made to resemble a cappuccino. It’s made with South African tea leaves that have the same health benefits as matcha tea — it’s high in antioxidants and has no caffeine — making for a healthy sip!

The Fried Chicken Burger, Three-layered Tortilla and Red Cappuccino

The Fried Chicken Burger, Three-layered Tortilla and Red Cappuccino

Three-layered Tortilla

The Three-layered Tortilla is an original recipe. It’s a rich creamy layered tortilla with chicken, cheese and egg packed in between each layer. This makes for an ideal snack and goes hand-in-hand with 8th Day Cafe & Bakery’s famed light coffees.

Protein Smoothie Bowl

The Protein Smoothie Bowl makes for a wholesome breakfast and a fitting post-workout snack. It’s a healthy mix of peanut butter, oats, exotic nuts and fresh fruit that packs in a punch of flavours, while helping you meet your daily calorie count!

‘Shakshuka’ and pita bread

Shakshuka is a dish with its roots in North Africa. It’s a simple home-style breakfast of poached eggs, bell peppers and a tomato-based sauce which is spiced ever-so-slightly and garnished with coriander. 8th Day Cafe & Bakery serves its Shakshuka with pita bread on the side, making it a delightful early-morning meal.

Milk Tart

Also originating in Africa, the traditional Milk Tart mirrors a custard pie. It’s a textured tart baked using a comforting combination of milk, flour and eggs with a light, airy puff pastry as a base. Eat this as a snack or a dessert!

Fried Chicken Burger

Every element of 8th Day Cafe & Bakery’s Fried Chicken Burger is made in-house from the buns to the chicken patty to the pickles. The hero of the burger is the patty which is a crumb patty punctuated with a host of secret spices. The spice goes beautifully with their in-house pickles and crunchy veggies.

The cafe will soon add a range of fast food items like burgers, tacos and pizzas to their menu. Stay tuned!

Quick Bites!

  • The most crowded time on weekdays: 5-9pm
  • Number of light and simple coffees sold on a summer day: 12 or more, at each outlet
  • The bestelling salad: Falafal Salad and Chicken Caesar Salad
  • The most popular baked item on the menu: Chocolate Cookies
  • What time of the day is coffee ordered the most: Evening
  • How long do people usually sit and work at the cafe: People sit for up to nine hours
  • How many bagels are sold on average in a day: 15 or more, at each outlet
  • West Range Omelette or Veggie Scrambler: which is more popular? West Range Omelette!
Last updated on 24.08.22, 08:20 PM

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