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Blossom Kochhar on aromatherapy and wellness

The Telegraph takes notes at The Park

Rohini Chakraborty (t2 Intern) | Published 30.08.22, 02:48 AM
Blossom Kochchar

Blossom Kochchar

Wellness through Essential Oils was an insightful interactive session based on the subject of aromatherapy by pioneer aromatherapist Blossom Kochhar, held on August 22 at The Park. At the event, Kochhar also introduced her recently launched curative oils by her company Aroma Magic. Being appointed by the government of India in the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council to develop more skill sets in this sector, she spoke about the role and the growing need of aromatherapy for not only beauty but also wellness in today’s world.

Around 250 hair and beauty professionals from the city attended the session. In the session, Kochhar emphasised on how aromatherapy is a way of life and helps in soothing the mind and body through the sense of smell. Her new range of products, Aroma Magic pure and natural curative oils, is a special blend of significant essential oils.


On the sidelines of the event The Telegraph caught up with Blossom Kochhar for a chat. Excerpts...

Can you expand for us the idea behind your newly launched curative oils ?

Aromatherapy has been used for only beauty till now, but it is also used for wellness. Wellness is something so important nowadays. It boosted my immunity during Covid, so I decided to start using these oils as an immunity booster. These oils have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immunity and soothes the mind and body. We have made oils that help prevent colds, help with sleeplessness so that instead of taking sleeping pills you can use these oils. To avoid painkillers for any muscle pain, we have the muscle soothing and calming oils which prevent any further pain. We call it the ‘Help Me’ range .

How are these curative oils different from essential oils ?

These are essential oils. Essential oils are natural products. Curative oils are just a blend of significant essential oils. We also blend it with vegetable oils so that it is easy to use. It’s a ready product. Instead of using 100 different oils together, you use this as a singular product with all the benefits from different essential oils.

What are some of the most important things that people should keep in mind before choosing such oils ?

While choosing essential oils , one must keep in mind to buy dark-coloured bottles and not the light-coloured ones because the sunlight is going to disturb the components of the oil. Good essential oils are always stored in brown bottles. Essential oils should be used in little amounts, just a few drops will do the work. If someone is using homeopathic medicine, I would suggest to consult a homeopathic doctor before using such oils because the smell is so strong that maybe it will react. We do not recommend pregnant women these oils except for lavender or chamomile. Very little amount should be used on elderly people and babies. And if it gets into your eyes, don’t wash it with water, rather wash it with milk as milk will neutralise the irritation.

With the Internet giving us quick information about everything, how important is to actually consult a therapist before choosing such oils for use?

It is very very important to consult a therapist before using such oils. It’s better to consult a person who knows everything about essential oils, and when to use it because maybe one can have certain issues or allergies with the various natural components in the oil.

In what ways does aromatherapy through these oils have an edge over other practices in wellness?

I would say that aromatherapy is the future because we are not only opting for wellness but also for sustainability; we want to look after the environment. We have to see that we are not spoiling the environment. These are pure essential oils, mixed with water and vegetable oils. We are going for natural things and not going for any chemicals. And India is booming with aromatherapy as three quarters of the oils comes from India. In fact 90 per cent of the chemists in perfume companies and wellness companies are all from India, so we have got a big edge to take it well and do it well with aromatherapy. A big future for India because it is very Indian as it is a part of the Ayurvedic culture of India.

Are there any myths you would like to bust about aromatherapy and use of essential oils?

People feel that essential oils are not going to work or it is only used in skincare or used in air diffusers or just for the good smell. But this is not the case. Essential oils are natural oils and not synthetic, which only has smell and does nothing else. Many skincare brands use a lot of fragrance, calling them aromatherapy, but then again too much of fragrance and synthetic components are harmful for the skin .

Pictures: B. Halder

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