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Facebook groups are bringing people together to discuss health issues

Check out a few before World Health Day
Exercising, yoga and eating always help to improve one's health.

Mathures Paul   |     |   Published 05.04.19, 06:01 PM


Indian Diabetics

Members: 4,689

As a diabetic myself, I felt the need to start something that would bring together diabetics to share their experiences and stories and help one another. I also believe that patient education is very important for the complete treatment of a person. Furthermore, empathy plays a critical role to understand the challenges diabetics face. Who would have thought that one day patients would be able to connect online in a way that has been made possible by social media platforms like Facebook.

My group is not run by a pharma company or doctors. It is a set of people impacted by diabetes who have questions and experiences to share.

— Sonik Porwal, founder of Indian Diabetics

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The Freedom from Diabetes

Members: 43,258

The page contains various ‘freedom’ stories wherein people talk about how they manage diabetes. It also includes posts about healthy cooking, recipes and YouTube videos talking about disease management.

Living with Diabetes in India

Members: 529,638

The page has fun facts about beating diabetes, case studies and quotes, tips for living a healthier life and expert comments on the disease.

Sharan India

Members: 15,321

The page posts informative content about diabetes and how to work towards a “diabetes-free India”. The page includes recipes, diet charts, and other dietary tips and tricks to live a healthier life with diabetes.

Healthy Ojas

Members: 32,728

They help people to enjoy life to the fullest by helping them treat their health conditions. Presently, the focus is on providing tips related to diabetes.


Yoddhas — Indians Fighting Against Cancer

Members: 15,189

With the ailment comes not just physical problems but also societal stigma of being victim to a disease like this one. What we end up providing patients is something they look for most — patient to patient, patient to doctor, caregiver support along with extraordinary amount of love and concern for one another online.

Social networks like Facebook have been growing in popularity and are a convenient means of exchanging information and support. Members introduce themselves, often talking about their diagnosis, treatment stories (and treatment options) and sharing their feelings in this approachable, caring environment. The sense of privacy is strictly maintained.

— Rashi Mandla Yadav, the wife of the group’s founder, Rahul Yadav, who died of cancer

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CanKids Kidscan

Members: 13,029

The group posts on donations and raises money for children who are suffering. They also organise marathons to create awareness to raise funds so that more children can survive to run more marathons.

Nutrition & fitness

Get India Fit

Members: 9,588

Facebook groups connect like-minded people with similar challenges and the more time one spends on driving a group, the more useful it becomes for its members. Realistically, seven to eight hours a week is required to ensure the page is updated and queries are promptly responded to.

Sedentary lifestyle in the 21st century means limited or no exercise, and unhealthy eating habits. However, an online Facebook group, given the nature of the platform, brings people together; it allows them to discuss issues not just with one another but also with experts in the group. Finding a sense of community belonging sets Facebook groups like ours apart.

— Jayanta Biswas, founder of Get India Fit

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My Breakfast India

Members: 309,448

This is a public group which talks about breakfasts, recipes and interesting facts about food and nutrition.


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