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The opening ceremony of the Young Chef Olympiad presented by IIHM, in association with t2...

  • Published 6.02.15
Participants and mentors from each country took the stage, led by their country’s flag.
Participants and mentors click a selfie at
the opening ceremony of the three-day
culinary event. 

What: Opening ceremony of the International Young Chef Olympiad (YCO) 2015, in association with t2.
Where: City Centre Salt Lake, on January 29. 
Who: The three-day battle of pots and pans was hosted by the Calcutta campus of International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM). The YCO saw students from top culinary schools of 15 countries — Bhutan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, China, USA, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, France, Myanmar and India. 





 “It will be interestingto see their creativity and
how they use their imagination,”said judge and
food critic KarenAnand. “Having been in this profession
for 22 years, I strictly believe you need
to put enough love in the food you cook.
Cooking is not just about equipment, pan-fry
and boil! It should reflect your passion,”
added LeMeridian Pune’s master chef Roberto Boggio. 
your passion,” added LeMeridian
Pune’s master chef Roberto Boggio. 

Format: The Super 8 were chosen from the 15 after a semi-final cook-off. One winner was picked from the Super 8 after the final cook-off. All students were given a fixed set of ingredients and limited time to ensure fair play. 
The reward? The winner walked home with $10,000 cash prize, a trophy, a certificate and a chance to travel as the YC ambassador.