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Why SRK and the film still make you say...Chak de!

Kabir Khan to rakshaso ki sena. She-power to patriotism. title track to climax scene to sattar minute. You, the t2 reader, on why you still love Chak De! India, 10 years on 

TT Bureau   |     |   Published 24.08.17, 12:00 AM

From the very first scene, SRK and the girls simply stole my heart. Such inspiring words, such motivating scenes, such thought-provoking music and such in-your-face sass — one just can’t find any fault in the film. Those girls gave us serious life goals — be it finding a balance between home and your dreams, going against the love of your life or proving your parents wrong. Chak De! was one hell of a journey and we all loved it. Damn, I’m getting goosebumps even while writing this letter to you! Thank you, t2, for inspiring us, yet again

I love Chak De! India because it is a complete movie with all the elements perfectly balanced. It has soothing music, emotions, struggles, bonding, entertainment, individual little stories of all the players and… SRK! I love it particularly because of three scenes that touched my heart. First the ‘rakshaso ki sena’ moment where all the girls beat the eve-teasers in a restaurant. Second, the climax… that penalty shoot-out scene, particularly the last shot and the telepathy between the coach and captain! Even today my heartbeat stops at that scene. Third, there are many beautiful dialogues in the movie but one dialogue that stands out every time is, “Mujhe ek launde ko dikhana hai ki ek laundiya kya kar sakti hai!” Yes, this conversation between Komal and Preeti is the best part of the movie for me… it evoked energy, enthusiasm and willpower in me. (I love Chak De! India because... August 10) 
Ritrisha Banerjee, Tollygunge

Chak De! is one of the finest sports films made so far. The film does not boast big names or any controversial drama. There is no masala and unnecessary melodrama. The performances of the ensemble cast is praiseworthy, with special credit to the bold and beautiful Shilpa Shukla and Sagarika Ghatge. There is utmost honesty in the rendition of dialogues and emotion. Salim-Sulaiman’s music is the backbone of the film… from the soothing background score to the haunting Maula lele meri jaan to the iconic sports anthem… Chak de! India. How can we forget the famous dialogue… “Sirf sattar minute hai tumhare paas.” The tension at the end was incredible. Kabir Khan is one of the best performances by Shah Rukh so far. It was a delight to see such layered acting from this heart-throb. There was no deliberate attempt to overpower the scenes or make his presence felt. Kudos King Khan for such a powerful performance with so much restraint. And take a bow, Shimit Amin, for highlighting the grave issues faced by our sportsmen and women. What a beautiful way of paying tribute to our Indian hockey fraternity. Team Chak De! India… you deserve a grand salute!
Saurav Gupta, Narendrapur

I love Chak De! because it is a celebration of She power and sportsman spirit. A film focusing on patriotism, Kabir Khan’s “Sattar minute” dialogue or him saying, “Mujhe states ke naam na sunai dete na dikhai dete hain... sirf ek naam sunai deta hai... India!” I also love the theme music being played, a foreigner raising the Indian flag or the ‘Rakshaso ki sena’ winning glory. SRK makes Kabir Khan’s eyes do the talking and looks so sexy. It’s a film that still leaves me in tears when the cup is held high and Kabir Khan is all teary-eyed. “Chak de!” for celebrating a decade.
Shriya Gandhi Das, Goenka College

I was probably in Class IX when this film released and I clearly remember that I had promised to study the entire day just to go and watch it in the theatre. From the very first scene, SRK and the girls simply stole my heart. Such inspiring words, such motivating scenes, such thought-provoking music and such in-your-face sass — one just can’t find any fault in the film. Those girls gave us serious life goals — be it finding a balance between home and your dreams, going against the love of your life or proving your parents wrong. Chak De! was one hell of a journey and we all loved it. Damn, I’m getting goosebumps even while writing this letter to you! Thank you, t2, for this wonderful piece and inspiring us, yet again.
Sreoshi Bakshi, Calcutta University

I just love Chak De! The first reason is the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, who made us a fan of his acting. Second, I am a big sports freak and every sports-based movie is a must-watch for me. The way this movie has depicted the benefit of unity in any kind of sport is commendable. The hard work by the female actors was phenomenal… to learn playing a sport and then displaying it with so much perfection is really tough. And the most wonderful thing is that “Sattar minute’ speech by coach Kabir Khan... a motivational speech like no other. This movie worked in breaking stereotypes. The most wonderful moment is the last scene when goalkeeper and captain Vidya Sharma saves the last shot from the Australian striker. 
Musarraf Ali Ansari, a t2 reader 
and true SRKian

Once scorned, wronged and humiliated, India’s hockey heroines making a glorious comeback with the gold adorning their necks, a beaming Preeti Sabharwal turning down her cricketer boyfriend’s marriage proposal in full public view, the feuding girls coming together for the first time to beat the eve-teasers black and blue, the girls fighting the boys in a do-or-die match to earn their entry ticket to the World Cup — Chak De! India is a collage of bold moments that makes me feel more empowered as a woman. Kabir Khan is just the man every woman would want in her life — either as a brother, partner, friend or colleague. He is the ideal man who has the confidence in a woman’s ability, respects her aspirations and knows how to bring out the best in her. A celebration of girl power, Chak De! is intriguing and inspiring at once. What’s not to love about the movie?
Madhubanti Rudra, Salt Lake

“Sattar minute, sattar minute hai tumhare paas... shayad tumhare zindagi ke sabse khaas sattar minute... aaj tum achha khelo ya bura, yeh sattar minute tumhein zindagi bhar yaad rahenge… toh jao, jao aur apne aap se, iss zindagi se, apne khuda se aur har uss insaan se jisne tum par bharosa nahin kiya apne sattar minute chheen lo” — Kabir Khan aka SRK
From what I remember, I think that this is the longest dialogue that I could effortlessly memorise after watching the movie only once. These words not only apply to the women hockey players in the film, but also to each and everyone who wants to live life to its fullest to make the best out of it. The message of ‘Everyone is capable of everything they wish to become’ is flawlessly delivered by director Shimit Amin. Had there been such a charming coach who wouldn’t have participated in sports in their academic days! Congratulations and best wishes to everyone involved in 10 years of Chak De! India. 
Dimple Periwal, St. Xavier’s College

Shah Rukh Khan played a character  far removed from his lover boy image. The movie also evokes a feeling of patriotism, commitment and team spirit. The title song, the “Sattar minute” monologue and the line, “Vaar saamnewale team ke goal pe nahin, dimaag pe karo” also motivate me. Finally, the World Cup-winning moment gives me goosebumps even now.
Akashdeep Datta

Chak De! is that rare sports film which has made a place in each and every Indian’s heart. It is that one film that makes you feel patriotic right from the beginning to the end. It showed that women, nowadays, are no less than men (just like the Indian women’s cricket team… though they lost the World Cup). Women are no longer confined to the kitchen and are far from the so-called “abla naari” and if given a chance she can make her country proud. The “belan chalaane wali Bharatiya naari” can turn into “rakshason ki sena” if messed with. And when the girls lifted the trophy, we all felt so proud.
Jaspreet Kaur

I am amazed to think that a decade has passed since the release of this cult sports film. Inspirational lines like the “Sattar minute” speech by Shah Rukh Khan still deserves claps. It also had a message of unity, which paved the way for women empowerment, long before films like Queen were made. I truly believe this is still the best of SRK, and he needs to do roles like this, especially now. Each and every member of the women’s hockey team was a natural. It’s probably the only film that can compete with Dangal.
Prithwish Roy, 
Heritage Institute of Technology

I love Chak De! because I love Shah Rukh Khan. That energy, that charm, those dimples and that twinkle in the eye… the Chak De! India intensity with the Swades sensitivity. And that sense of humour that makes him so special.
Uzma Kalim, Jewish Girls’ School

There are many reasons to love Chak De!… the very first reason is Shah Rukh Khan himself. I consider Chak De! to be one of the finest performances by SRK, along with My Name Is Khan and Dear Zindagi. Here we see the actor SRK and not the romantic hero, the fact that I love the most.  The film released when I was eight and I remember going “Chak de!” while watching it on TV. The ‘I love my India’ feeling and those words by SRK’s Kabir Khan still give me goosebumps. 
Kaushikee Bhattacharya, 
Adamas International School

I love Chak De! because it’s my favourite actor and idol Shah Rukh Khan’s film. The women hockey players captured the imagination of the country and Kabir Khan made us proud. Chak De! is not just a sports film, it’s also a patriotic film. I think this was the reason it won a number of awards, including the National Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. SRK never looked better and his attitude was so impressive. “Vaar karna hai toh saamne waale ke goal par nahin… dimaag par karo… goal khud ba khud ho jayega.” I believe that this is not just a dialogue, but a life-changing quote.
Joy Dakua, City College, 
Amherst Street

Chak De! is a multi-faceted film that captured ground reality. The stellar acts by SRK and the girls were a treat to watch. The hard-hitting dialogues, the music, the nail-biting climax… they all make me proud to be an Indian.
Ishani Sen, Behala

I love Chak De! because of Shah Rukh Khan’s image-breaking role. His stubbled look in the film created a storm. We still get goosebumps when SRK says, “Sattar minute hai tumhaare paas… shayad tumhare zindagi ke sabse khaas sattar minute”. The movie emphasises on girl power and till this film was made, our filmmakers simply ignored the achievements of women athletes. This movie teaches us that the moment you sign up for a team sport, you actually sign up for keeping your team before your own self. It teaches us to never ever lose hope.
Tania Sultana, Techno India

I love Chak De! because it is an inspiration for women across the country to break all odds and prove her existence in a male-dominated society. The 11 girls make us realise both the neglect and the liberation of Indian women in sport. The presence of the King of Romance as a man with undying love for his country makes the film worth watching a thousand times. The film never fails to touch my heart even after repeated viewings.
Prajna Sinha, Pearls Of God School

Kabir Khan (played by Shah Rukh Khan) is just the man every woman would want in her life —  either as a brother, partner, friend or colleague. He is the ideal man who has the confidence in a woman’s ability, respects her aspirations and knows how to bring out the best in her

I love Chak De! because of the superlative performance by SRK as coach Kabir Khan along with the script that was the best of its kind. Such was the equation between SRK and the script that if one takes out either, then the movie would seem incomplete. I think what made us all fall in love with the film was the backstory of Kabir Khan —  a humiliated player who scripts a remarkable comeback story as coach. There are more than a few moments which pump up one from within and one such moment for me is the one before the match between the Indian women’s and men’s teams and then the scene towards the end when Kabir walks back to his old family home in the same locality which once disowned him. Just this scene makes me feel a spin-off can be made which would tell the story of Kabir Khan. 
Thank you, t2, for bringing to the surface the memories of Chak De! If you people could carry forward this idea of spin-off to Aditya Chopra Sir, it will be very delightful for SRKians like me who are fans of SRK the actor more than the superstar. 
Arshiyan Ali

It was a rain-drenched afternoon 10 years ago when I came across something that had a great influence on the mind of a then 10-year-old. It was a film called Chak De! Today, 10 years later, I express my gratitude towards each and every person involved in it. For me, the film was about dreams. It made me believe firmly that hard work, determination and belief can make anything possible. And if one really desires something from the core of the heart then nature conspires to bring that together. It touched the aspect of women empowerment in a very admirable manner showing that if provided with proper amenities, women can bring laurels to the country. The last but not the least thing was that I learnt never to be judgmental. 
Khushbu Jaiswal, SA Jaipuria College

I am a huge fan of Chak De! and have watched it a hundred times. My dad and I both love this movie so much that whenever it comes on TV, we sit together and watch it. The screenplay, the dialogues, the direction... just perfect and the casting looks so real, as if the girls are actually hockey players in real life! For me, SRK was at his best in this movie. In a nutshell, this is a film which talks about women’s empowerment in a different way, a story which awakens the nationalist feeling in every person.
Aratrika Maity, Vidyasagar College
Chak De! is truly inspiring. It shows us how a coach should be… he must have the ability to sharpen the rough edges in the players. It has been beautifully demonstrated that we must rise above our regional considerations and work for the nation. No wonder SRK is the king. He has added shine to a truly impressive film.
Sourav Sarkar, South City College

Being an ardent fan of SRK, my foremost reason to love Chak De! is Kabir Khan. It’s easily one of his best performances and he has beautifully portrayed the role of a man whose loyalty towards his country was questioned and he was in search of the right opportunity to prove his innocence. And who can forget the “Sattar minute” monologue? I still listen to it whenever I feel like I have lost hope. The journey of the players and the coach from nothing to overnight stars, SRK’s mixed emotions after the win… every moment is inspiring and touching. Maula mere still makes my heart cry. Kabir Khan holding his medal in the rain and crying over his fate still moves me. Chak De! is a film that can be watched time and again and yet it gives you the feel of watching it the first time.
Payal Prasad

I love Chak De! because of Shah Rukh Khan, the storyline, the title track and the feeling of loving India. SRK is fantastic and endearing in this film. Feeling proud to be an Indian is the only feeling of a desi girl like me after watching the movie. Thank you, t2, for giving us a chance to write on this beautiful topic.
Ritwika Mukherjee, Methodist School

“Mujhe states ke naam na sunai dete hain, na dikhai dete hain, sirf ek naam sunai deta hai… India.” Chak De! has passion, aspiration, dreams and momentum. When we see the Indian women’s cricket team playing the World Cup final, we feel proud. Emotion and passion also erupted within when we saw the Indian women’s hockey team winning the World Cup in the movie. SRK showed he could come out of his romantic hero image and play a tough and real character like Kabir Khan. When we see Indian sportspersons performing well, our heart says only one thing, ‘Chak de!’, and the only song that plays in our mind is the title track of the movie. Whenever we watch the climax and Kabir Khan whispers, “Vidya, meri taraf dekho!” and Vidya looks at him, a chill runs down our spine. That’s why I love Chak De! and keep going back to it again and again.
Anuvab Deb Sinha

Determination. Patience. Fear. Compliments. Hardships. SUCCESS! That was how director Shimit Amin carried it out, winning the hearts of many and giving a boost to not only sportsmen and women, but also to us. A great example of common man breaking barriers and hitting the bull’s eye. Kabir Khan is a great coach and the song, Chak de! India is still a favourite. #BleedBlue
Soumik Chakraborty, Holy Home

As a sportsperson myself, I understand the urge to win, the motivation to get down on the field. I feel the adrenaline rush when I see the actors in the movie are about to start the game, full of apprehension. This movie pushes me to work harder, and win. It also taught me that one defeat, or even 10 defeats, is not the end. Kudos to Shah Rukh Khan’s acting too! He is the Bollywood counterpart of our very own Khitish Sinha (Khidda) from Koni.
Titas Choudhury

King Khan SRK stole the show with his acting and an articulate portrayal of the character. The theme of women empowerment was a plus. The patriotic feeling that the movie showcases is extraordinary. The thrill, the fight for existence and watching the Indian flag flying so high definitely brought tears to our eyes.
Anubhav Chatterjee, 
Methodist School, Dankuni

When this movie was made there were hardly any films based on sports and giving importance to girls. SRK’s role was really heart-touching. This film showed that girls are born with more power than men, but we need to nurture her well to bring that out.
Tushali Roy, 
Shri Shikshayatan College

Chak De! is a phenomenal movie, very beautifully acted out by Shah Rukh Khan. I have watched it a thousand times and that “Sattar minute” speech gives me goosebumps every time. This film never gets old. Vidya making eye contact with Kabir Khan at the last moment is one of my favourite scenes.
Sucheta Mitra, Department of Law, CU

I love Chak De! because even if you are not at all into sport, you will still be biting your nails. I love scenes where the women show off their power and also where they beat the eve-teasers black and blue and become a team. The best line? “Pehli baar ek firangi ko India ka tiranga uthate dekh raha hoon”, makes me say that Kabir Khan could be none other than Shah Rukh Khan.
Priyanta Ghosh, Survey Park

It represents the unity-in-diversity concept beautifully told through the story of the Indian women’s hockey team and its coach Kabir Khan. Shah Rukh was at his best while doing this film, especially the emotional him after winning the final was stupendous. All the girls put in their best and their coordination was brilliant. Chak De! has taken patriotism to a new level. It’s been 10 years, but this song still reigns over others when it comes to an Indian winning moment in sport.
Resham Das, Government College of Engineering & Leather Technology

The scenes, the moments, every dialogue, every mood was so well portrayed that I rediscovered a new reverence for my Bharat Mata intensely. I feel this was not only a film upholding national integrity or putting across the message of patriotism, but also promoting feminism. The unwavering pride of being an Indian became deeper after that last winning scene. It’s my favourite SRK movie not because he was the team ka “gunda” but because he was the coach wanting to see the Tricolour flying high on an international platform, a man who loves his country and worships it fervently. It’s the story of how a gang of girls crushed male chauvinism with confidence and self-belief. 
Anwesha Sensarma, Gokhale Memorial Girl’s College

I have watched many a patriotic film and war movie, but Chak De! is a patriotic film based on sport... our national game hockey. I feel goosebumps every time I watch it  — from that first time in the theatre to many times on TV. This movie arouses a feeling of patriotism in each Indian and SRK is the one solely responsible for that. He has superbly portrayed the role of a coach. Chak De! has turned 10 and I must have watched it more than 10 times.
Alok Ganguly

I love Chak De! because it’s a girls’ movie. The movie also evokes a patriotic feeling and above all, there’s Shah Rukh Khan… he was superb in the role of Kabir Khan and truly lived the character.
Mohua Sen Dasgupta

I love Chak De! because it has a classic story related to our motherland. Second, the film has Shah Rukh Khan in a very different character. Third, the dialogues and music were marvellous. And last, the climax always gives me goosebumps. 
Ankur Datta, 
Pearls of God School 

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