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Tripling stars Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar open up about their on-screen chemistry, show’s success

The third season of the show premiered on October 21, 2022 on ZEE5

Entertainment Web Desk Calcutta Published 29.11.23, 01:55 PM
(L-R) Sumeet Vyas, Amol Parashar and Maanvi Gagroo

(L-R) Sumeet Vyas, Amol Parashar and Maanvi Gagroo

TVF’s Tripling stars Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar recently opened up about their chemistry as on-screen siblings on the ZEE5 show, crediting their off-screen connection for being able to display a bond that resonated with the audience.

“I think siblings are eventually long-term friends. The three of us had known each other before we ended up on the show. We had worked with each other in different capacities and knew each other fairly well to be comfortable with taking digs and improvising and being confident and secure enough with each other,” said Amol Parashar who plays Chitvan Sharma on the show.


Centered around the escapades of three siblings – Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan – on a road trip, the show emerged as a prime OTT release on ZEE5 and garnered immense popularity for its relatable portrayal of familial bonds and the rollercoaster of emotions over three seasons.

“With tripling, we were a little afraid because it was the second or third web series to come out in India. It was the first web show which was scaled up. A lot of firsts were happening so we were just hoping that it lands and people watch it,” said Sumit Vyas, who plays the eldest sibling Chandan.

Opening up about how the show has managed to stay relevant for the audiences, Maanvi Gagroo said, “It’s just the fact that there is nothing else out there which is like this. I still have people come up to me and say how they have never seen a sibling show before and to be represented like this because it’s not too sanitised, nor is it like we are constantly fighting. It’s the novelty of the concept which still clicks.”

Speaking about the varied range of characters, Maanvi added, “While playing the character, my emotion is that I try to find some truth in it, which means I try to find some resonance within me of the character. So yeah there are parts you carry and there are some resonances and familiarities.”

Sharing thoughts on getting OTT validation, Sumit said, “I would say the viewing pattern on OTT is very cutthroat because television viewing is a bit of habitual viewing. Film in the theatres, you pay the money so most likely you will sit through the film. But OTT is a very personal viewing experience so the chances of you not liking and sticking to that are very slim. So that’s why the validation you get, it feels something.”

Amol added, “It’s also a certain kind of audience. OTT has reached a certain demographic which wands towards certain kinds of stories, which is why a show like Tripling. It wouldn’t have worked on any other kind of medium.”

Directed by Rajesh Krishnan, Sameer Saxena and Neeraj Udhwani and written by Akarsh Khurana and Summet Vyas, Tripling continues to win audiences with its heartwarming storyline and relatable characters.

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