Torture lagno

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  • Published 19.05.08

Rachana and Firdaus may have given a few hits together in the past but their latest, Biyer Lagno, is a foolproof flop show.

The script — or the lack of it — the inane dialogues, mindless make-up, shoddy costumes and music that’s noise to the ears add up to make Biyer Lagno one of the worst films to have hit the halls in recent times.

The story begins with a lovestruck Firdaus — he desperately needed to lose a few kilos to look a dapper lover boy — landing up at Rachana’s door only to turn into a match-maker for her elder sister (Satabdi) and his elder brother (Tapas). Once Tapas and Satabdi tie the knot, Firdaus and Rachana spend their time singing around trees in Bengal and Bangladesh.

Things go from bad to worse in the second half. Tragedy strikes Tapas-Satabdi’s haven as her in-laws think the new bride is evil personified, shattering the rosy dreams of the newlyweds as well as the lovebirds. Well, that’s reason enough for the sisters to start sobbing non-stop. When they need a break, they mouth pathetic dialogues.

The brothers, meanwhile, drown their sorrows in vodka bottles at night, singing sad songs (Jodi na paro bhalobashte amay tobe morey jabo aami!). By day though, Firdaus is fighting fit to beat the baddies to pulp.

And just when you thought it was curtain call time with an all’s-well-that-ends-well scene, there’s more melodrama and more tears in store.

In true 70’s style, a pregnant Satabdi is then kidnapped by the villain’s men and tied to a revolving bed! More fights follow before the family gets together for the final photo op. Unfortunately, it comes two hours and 45 minutes too late.