Three boys & a babe

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By Parambrata gets ready to shoot his debut feature film with Rituparna KUSHALI NAG
  • Published 5.02.08

The title says it all. Jiyo Kaka!!, actor Parambrata Chatterjee’s directorial debut, is about a bunch of three starry-eyed youths who want to make it big in the film industry.

As the trio set out to chase their dreams, not everything goes right. On a few occasions though, they hit bull’s-eye. “We tossed up several names before zeroing in on Jiyo Kaka!!. It’s a phrase we use for a pat on the back,” explains Parambrata, finally ready to try his hand at feature films after dabbling in telefilms.

Jiyo Kaka!! is a comedy starring Rituparna Sengupta, Rudranil, Sagnik and Parambrata himself.

The first-time director plays an aspiring film-maker, Rik; Rudranil is Asif, who wants to be a screenplay-writer, while Sagnik is the wannabe hero Amitabha. The three friends meet superstar Chaitiparna (Rituparna, who else!) and take her on a trip along with them.

“What follows is a crazy roller-coaster ride. The three get involved with the underworld, the cops come in and they land up in a bizarre situation. I think the youth will easily connect with the film. There’s a Rik, Asif and Amitabha in each one of us. The story is close to my heart as it is about the film industry and I am targeting the urban audience,” says Parambrata.

“For the role of the star heroine, I wanted a mature actress. Hence Rituparna; she is a great actress and has star value too,” adds Parambrata.

Rituparna is upbeat about the film and its maker too. “I had seen one of Parambrata’s telefilms, Nemesis, and I was very impressed with his work. I think we must encourage young directors. Parambrata is great to work with; he was my co-star in Sandip Ray’s Nishijapon and now we are working together in Anjan Das’s Swarger Niche Manush. Besides, I will play a glamorous superstar on screen for the first time,” says Rituparna.
Jiyo Kaka!! has been scripted by Aditi Majumdar, who had penned the superhit mega serial Ek Akasher Niche. Produced by T Sarkar, the Rs 50-lakh film will be shot in Calcutta and Bolpur. There are six tracks in the film — Neel Dutt will compose the background score and a song. The rest will involve Chandrabindoo, Rupam, Mokaam and the Chennai-based band Oikyataan.

Parambrata puts on the director’s cap in mid-March.