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  • Published 3.04.14


Name: Mudit Lunia

Age: 21

Hometown: Calcutta

Studying: Second-year college student

Does Mudit know he looks like Zayn? “Every now and then I get to hear from people that I look like Zayn Malik and to be honest it feels good because he’s such a talented guy… not to forget the hottest-looking 1D member!” grins Mudit.

Does he dress up as Zaynster too? “Well, yes, I got my hair styled with a patch of blonde streak after seeing him! And you wouldn’t believe it, I was approached by a GOG (gang of girls) one day who asked if I was Zayn and then they clicked pictures with me! That was crazy but felt nice,” he smiles.

The facial feature he feels is closest to Zayn’s? The upper half of his face, the eye area.

Favourite 1D song: Story of My Life

Keeping Zayn’s rocket street style in mind, Mudit (top right) kept it casual. Layering is Zayn’s fashion BFF so on went a shirt-cum-tee to give the impression of wearing more. The final touch? That round black stud on the ear that is sooooo Zayn! Not afraid to experiment (remember the initial blonde streak in his quiff?) the singer who now wears the quiff without the colour has a designer stubble which means he’s going boy to man.

Since the 1D hottie is seen sporting black quite often, Mudit (right) was styled in a black denim jacket with studded shoulder pads. It was teamed with black leather pants because Zayn loves his leather like no other! Bomber to varsity jacket — call him the knight in shining jacket armour! To get Zayn’s hairstyle perfect, Mudit’s hair was freshly buzzed by stylist Ryan Peterson to add more volume to the top.

Graphic tees, tees with cheeky messages (‘Fu** Yo’ and ‘Cool Kids Don’t Dance’), sporty number tees.. Zayn is a true blue

T-shirt lover. And if you thought wearing a cap without messing your hair is not possible, take a cue from the boy band hottie who works the quiff with a cap. Mudit (right) gets the Zaynie look correct and effortlessly!

P.S. That tattoo on the right arm? It’s real.

The doppelganger effect

“Woooooow! Am awestruck, is he Zayn’s twin? The guy and Zayn really look similar, especially his quiff, hair colour and facial cut, though his eyes are different because Zaynster has deep brown eyes. And with that tattoo, Zayn’s lookalike has a nice touch. I wonder if he can sing as well as Zayn too! Overall, I would give him a 3.8/5 because at the end of the day, Zayn is Zayn, no one can look hotter than him,” gushed Haya Humayun, Class XII, Pratt Memorial School.

“I would like to say first that Zayn Malik is the most gorgeous man on the planet. I believe he has the most perfectly sculptured face and his smile can bring world peace. In short, he is perfect. So I was obviously very excited to know that t2 has spotted a guy in Calcutta who is apparently a Zayn Malik look-alike and eagerly looked forward to see how much he looked like my Zaynie! Yes, Zayn’s doppelganger indeed looks like him in many ways... like his hairstyle and his beard is just like Zayn, his nose is just as sharp and his skin colour is like him too! I would give him a 3.5/5. For that ‘cutie meets hottie’ expression that melts all hearts from age 11 to 80... it’s not there... and that cheekbone and that heart-warming smile....where is it? Features-wise, yes, he looks a lot like a Zayn but expression-wise Zayn will always be Zayn,” said Debkanika Gupta, Class XI, South Point High School.

“OMG, this guy sure looks like Zayn from some angles! Features like his hairstyle, beard and eyes are very similar but what’s missing was Zayn’s mischievous smile. I am completely thrilled to know that at least we have someone in the city who looks quite like Zayn Malik! If I meet Zayn’s doppelganger, I would firstly like to congratulate him and tell him he is very lucky as I am sure he will get attention from many girls! I would like to add that my friend Simran Pugalia thinks this guy doesn’t look like Zayn but Lisa Agarwal feels he resembles Zayn quite a bit! Lastly, thanks t2 for giving Directioners such a precious opportunity to express our Better Than Word type of feeling. Thanks a ton from our fan group SLIM,” said Iqra Shakil, Class VIII, Welland Gouldsmith School, who gives Mudit a 2/5 for likeness and 3/5 for hotness quotient.

Text: Pramita Ghosh
Pictures: B. Halder
Stylist: Ryan Peterson
Location courtesy: The Park