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The first look of the new Addatimes series Basanta Eshe Gyachhe

The Telegraph Published 05.03.24, 08:32 AM
Swastika, Sakshi Saha, Arpan Ghosal

Swastika, Sakshi Saha, Arpan Ghosal

The shoot of the new Addatimes drama series Basanta Eshe Gyachhe has begun. Swastika Dutta collaborates for the first time with Addatimes, and the series also stars Sakshi Saha and Arpan Ghosal. The first look gives a sneak peek into the lives of the characters, a student played by Sakshi Saha, a teacher played by Arpan and his wife played by Swastika.

“Though I play the character of a homemaker, which I have already played over the years but Chandrima’s character in the series is quite complex and I feel in my career of 11 years, it is one of the most difficult characters I’ve played,” said Swastika.


Basanta Eshe Gyachhe revolves around three different people trapped in love. Sakshi plays Tiyasha, an engineering student who lives life on her own terms. She is madly in love with her maths tutor Nishan, played by Arpan, who is much older than her. Nishan is a happily married man who is madly in love with his wife Chandrima, played by Swastika. Their life changes as Nishan receives an anonymous love letter sent by Tiyasha.

“The main challenge while we were developing Basanta Eshe Gyachhe was to think like a teenager of this generation. But the fun part of writing this project was to play with two exact opposite emotions — the innocent, gen Alpha, modern way of love as well as the mature old-school love, both intertwined in the plot. Every episode has a name with colour and the story goes along with that exact colour. It was like I went through a roller-coaster of emotions and I am happy how things turned out,” said writer Sudeep Das whose last project was Preme Pora Baron.

Basanta Eshe Gyachhe is a complex love story which has a lot of shades for each character,” said director Abhimanyu Mukherjee.

“Exploring the complexities of relationships and the search for one’s true self amidst ambiguity has challenged me as an actor. The director’s approach is refreshing, allowing for deep character development and exploration of human psychology. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an intriguing project and thrilled with Addatimes’s commitment to such thought-provoking content. It’s been an enriching journey, and I’m excited to share this compelling story with audiences,” said Arpan.

For Sakshi, playing a 19-year-old girl is quite fun and exciting. “It came to me very naturally as I have already passed this age. Through the character I’m reliving the age again,” she said.

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