Steamy debut

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 4.02.09

When debutant director Birsa Dasgupta narrated the script of 033 to Mumtaz, the youngest of P.C. Sorcar’s (Junior) daughters got goosebumps.

Not because she had to lose weight, cut down on biryani and phuchkas, and hit the gym, but because as Ria, the lead vocalist of the band 033, she had to do some steamy scenes with co-star Shaheb Chatterjee.

“I almost froze when Birsada told me about the intimate scenes. I have major mental blocks regarding this. I had to do a small, passionate suhag raat scene in Chinmoy Roy’s Ekbar Bolo Uttam Kumar opposite Parambrata and I had a tough time. I was supposed to look into Parambrata’s eyes very passionately on our wedding night and believe me I couldn’t do it! I would look at his nose, neck and everywhere else but his eyes. Just imagine what my reaction was when I had to do a scene with Shahebda throwing himself on me in bed! I became a robot. But later I overcame my mental block,” laughs Mumtaz.

The dusky lass doesn’t want to take all the credit for looking natural in the intimate scene in 033. Her co-star had put her at ease, she admits.

“Shahebda, who plays my boyfriend Arnab, was really worried and asked me to relax. ‘This is just acting and you are an actress,’ he said and it kind of charged me up. The credit also goes to (cinematographer) Somak Mukherjee for making the scene look hot and steamy,” adds Mumtaz.

Slipping into Ria’s shoes wasn’t too difficult as Mumtaz thinks she’s a lot like her.

“Ria comes from a conservative Marwari family but she wants to experiment with her life and I am open to experimenting too,” says Mumtaz.

But as Ria sports a toned body, the foodie in Mumtaz had to take a backseat. Mumtaz hit the gym and skipped her favourite foods. “I did a lot of cardio and weight training. I also practised dance which helped me get in shape,” she says.