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Sister duo, Shakti and Mukti Mohan are back with Dance with me, Season 2

‘You don’t have to wait for the end of the season to get a winner and that makes the show different from other shows’
Shakti and Mukti Mohan in Dance With Me Season 2

Sudeshna Banerjee   |   Published 07.09.21, 02:51 AM

Shakti Mohan has recently crossed 10 million followers on Instagram. “You are talking to a celebrity who has 1 crore people following her,” younger sister Mukti quips, as the two pretty and talented girls sit side by side for a video call with The Telegraph. The conversation with the duo is pegged on the second season of their show Dance With Me coming on air (Zee Cafe, Sundays, 8pm ) but takes off with the recent motherhood of the eldest of the Mohan quartet, the playback singer Neeti Mohan.

Congrats. Both of you are aunts now.


Shakti: Yes. It’s a boy. His name is Aryaveer. Didi (Neeti) is here with us. We are doing burping duty for the baby. We just wait for him to be free taa ki hum usse uthake ghumaane lag sake. We enjoy spending time with him.

Do you plan to teach him some moves?

Shakti: He is already dancing. He shakes his head, he rolls his fists. He is a born dancer.

Dance With Me Season 2 is on air now. What are you looking for in this season?

Shakti: We see so much talent all over the world, even on social media. This season is about koi aisa talent jisse dekh ke hum chouka jaye. The first season had started in lockdown. Mukti and I are happy to be back with the second season with such incredible talent.

Will the format be similar to the first season?

Shakti: Every week, we choose a theme and we choose the talent to feature accordingly. Like we have dedicated one episode to kids, one to freestyle, another to ‘around the world’.... Every episode has a winner. If we have an episode on Indian classical (dance), there will be a winner in that category. You don’t have to wait for the end of the season to get a winner. That makes the show different from other shows.

Mukti: There will be five performers in each episode. So there will be a total of 50 performers featured in 10 episodes. We have completed shooting.

What are the other themes you have picked?

Shakti: There is one episode that was titled Unbelievable. These are performers from across India doing acts that you don’t believe can be happening. Then there is Around the world. India Incredible, Flex It...

Mukti: There’s also Bachpan ke Bachchan, showcasing the best talent from kids aged seven to 14.

Shakti: If you see kids in reality shows, the talent is so much ke unka ek episode toh banta hi tha. They perform like crazy. Today’s exposure is so much that kids from a very young age know all the styles. The tricks that we never learnt kids are picking up those at the age of four or five. They bring freshness.

Your Nrityashakti has a new studio.

Shakti: Yes, Nrityashakti is now five years old. I have new teachers and students who create a community of dancers. This year, Mukti also opened her drama school, Mukti Manch. We are neighbours at home and at work. Nritya Shakti and Mukti Manch are next to each other.

You posted such wonderful pictures and videos on Instagram. Where were you sisters off to?

Shakti: We were in Maldives. We started dancing from the airport itself... Mukti, myself and Kriti. Didi could not travel.

Mukti: It was a month ago. We were there for four days. We were craving an international trip. It happened at the right time, just before the show. Sun Siyum Iru Veli, where we went, took really good care of us, following all Covid protocol. We were in our sister bubble, dancing, having a meal together, having coconut water...

Shakti, your chemistry with host Raghav Juyal is amazing on Dance +.

Mukti: Let me answer that question though it is on another dance show. Raghav is a friend. But wherever I go people talk to me as if I am Raghav’s saali. They ask unki shaadi ho gayi hai, kya yeh date kar rahe hai

Shakti: Arrey, I have tied a rakhi on him. He is my brother.

Mukti: But on the show, haar bhi pehna hua hai, thappad bhi mara hua hai.... Janta jaanna chahte hai asliyat kya hai!

Shakti: Dost hai mere. Janta ko chahiye ki we should have something. (Laughs)

Rakhi just went by. In a family of four sisters, was the occasion marked?

Shakti: We tied Rakhi to our sisters and cousin brothers.

Breakdancing has made it to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. Your comments.

Shakti: I am happy to know that breakdancing has made its way officially. I believe dance requires superior athletic quality and I feel proud that the whole world will experience it now through Olympics. If wishes were horses, I would want contemporary, my favourite style of dance, in the Olympics.

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