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Titanic turns 20 today! Here are 20 moments we love from the iconic love story 

  • Published 19.12.17
Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack and Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic

Rose’s entry

An old Rose (Gloria Stuart) starts narrating her experience in Titanic and we know we are in for the experience of a lifetime. As we travel back 84 years and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) emerges from the carriage, we can’t help but marvel at how stunning she looks in that white and purple striped dress — the way she looks up at the Titanic, with that enormous purple hat sitting at the perfect angle. 

Jack’s first look

As the clock is about to strike noon we see Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) with a cigarette dangling from his lips, absorbed in playing cards. Those sparkling blue eyes and that shock of blonde hair framing his face made us fall in love with him instantly, 20 years ago. 

The king of the world

Jack shouting, “I am the king of the world,” standing on the railing of the Titanic as the ship tears through the water is enduring. A young man with the world at his feet, free and thirtsing for adventure.

You jump, I jump...

Destined to marry her rich, insensitive fiance Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane), Rose decides to jump off the Titanic. We love that moment when Jack stops her by saying, “You jump, I jump” but also slyly warns that the freezing water will feel like a thousand knives boring into her. Rose doesn’t jump, but we have our heart in our mouth when she trips on her gown and almost falls into the water, but Jack pulls her back. That’s when it all starts.

Heart of the Ocean

Though we dislike Caledon, we must credit him for gifting his fiancee the breathtaking Heart of Ocean necklace. “It’s overwhelming,” says “poor little rich girl” Rose, looking at the mirror. Our thoughts precisely!

Like a man! 

Jack’s bohemian life rubs off on Rose; she wants a life where she could “head out to the horizon just like that”. His idea? Buy some cheap beer and ride the rollercoaster till they throw up. And well, Rose does it all, making a list of things she wants Jack to teach her to do “like a man!” That moment where Jack “tutors” her to spit, only to get caught by Rose’s mother, is great fun.  

He dapper, she beautiful

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, Jack — dashing in a black suit and never seeming out of place at the dinner meant only for first-class passengers — looks up to see Rose, ravishing in a jewelled gown, walking down. He takes her hand and kisses it, eyes fixed on each other, and we are ready for the fireworks! 

Make it count

At the dinner table, everyone is curious to know about his background. Jack, confident and unassuming,  doesn’t shy away from saying, “Right now my address is the RMS Titanic. After that, I’m on god’s good humour.” The best line from the scene? “I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it.... You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count.” #OurMotto

The after-party 

Jack slips a piece of paper in Rose’s hand that says, “Make it count. Meet me at the clock”... and it leads to one of our favourite moments. She meets him at the clock; he asks her, “So you want to go to a real party?”And boy does Rose live up to it! Drinking cheap beer, challenging Jack’s shipmates to stand on their toes in a ballet pose, tossing her shoes off and dancing with Jack... #Freedom

I’m flying!

Rose comes up to Jack on the deck of the ship to confess her feelings for him. As the Titanic theme plays on, Jack asks Rose to give him her hand and close her eyes, and helps her climb on to the first bar of the ship’s railing. He asks if she trusts him. “I trust you,” she says and spreads her arms out as the breeze whips her hair. “I’m flying, Jack!” she says, opening her eyes. And then there’s their passionate first kiss. The most enduring image from Titanic. 

Portrait of a lady

Rose requests Jack to draw her like “one of his French girls”, reclining on the sofa, wearing nothing but the Heart of the Ocean. One of the most sensuous moments in cinema.

In the car

Rose and Jack pitting their wits against Lovejoy, the spy appointed by Cal to keep an eye on Rose, leads to them ending up inside a car in the cargo hold and them making steamy love. 

Hitting the iceberg

Rose promises Jack she will go away with him when the ship docks and as they kiss on the deck, the side of the ship hits the iceberg, bringing about the beginning of the end. It’s a well-shot scene — from the chandelier shaking to water gushing in from everywhere. The urgency and the tension keep us on the edge of our seats even now. 

Rose’s rescue mission

Framed by Cal for stealing the Heart of the Ocean and arrested, Rose pulls out all the stops to rescue Jack when she realises the ship is sinking, wading and swimming through ice-cold water. The heartwarming moment? When Jack and Rose, despite their grave situation, don’t think twice before rescuing a boy crying out for help. 

Struggle for survival

Tricked into believing that Jack is on another lifeboat, Rose spots him on the deck as her boat is being lowered. She jumps off and makes her way back up to the deck. We love the moment Jack and Rose meet halfway and fall into each other’s arms. The sinking of the Titanic and the overwhelming wreckage — people scrambling to get on boats or slipping into the water, musicians playing on despite the mayhem — makes for an awe-inspiring watch. And it isn’t without its tender moments, like the old man lying on a bunk, holding his wife, as the water floods them. 

The sinking of the ship

Jack and Rose manage to get to the top of the ship, where they had first met, just as the lights go out and the Titanic breaks into two. It’s a breathless moment as they sink rapidly 
into the water. 

The final goodbye

Jack manages to prop Rose on a wooden plank and when he realises he is not going to survive, he makes her promise that she wouldn’t die that night and that she would marry and have children and grandchildren. Rose promises, waiting to be rescued and holding Jack’s hand, as he freezes to death. Our eyes well up even now when Rose catches a rescue boat’s attention and lets go of Jack,whispering, “I’ll never let go”. 

Rose Dawson 

Rescued, Rose reaches America. When an officer asks her name, a rain-drenched Rose replies “Dawson... Rose Dawson,” taking Jack’s last name, a part of him that she’ll carry with her forever.

Letting go 

Cut to the present, a frail Rose walks to the edge of Brock Lovett’s ship and climbs the railing to drop the Heart of the Ocean necklace, which she realises was in her coat aboard the ship that brought her to America all those years ago. Yes, she finally lets go.

The dream

In the final moments of the film, Rose lies on her bed and dreams of a 17-year-old Rose in a beautiful white gown ready to meet Jack in front of the clock in the first-class lounge. When he takes her hand and kisses her, people all around break into applause. And we know she is with Jack forever.
Just as we know that Jack and Rose will stay with us forever.

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