She's on a roll

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By Kushali Nag
  • Published 20.10.10

Locket Chatterjee has finally got what she has wanted for long — a meaty role under Tarun Majumdar’s direction. Durgeshnandini, a TV adaptation of the Bankim Chandra novel which the veteran filmmaker will direct, will find Locket in the role of a nautch girl.

“I play Munnibai, a baiji who dies at the end of the story. I am doing the serial only because of Tanubabu. I had worked with him in his last film Chander Bari, where I had a very small role. While shooting for Chander Bari, he had promised me a meatier role in his next project. I am really looking forward to the shoot. It will be a learning experience,” gushed Locket.

To be aired on ETV Bangla, Durgeshnandini will hit the floors in Karnataka in December. For now, Locket is busy playing Jeet’s boudi in Ravi Kinnagi’s latest film co-starring Shrabanti and Ferdous. “I was in Hyderabad recently to shoot the climax scenes. I am opposite Ferdous; we play husband and wife,” she added.

In November, she will start shooting for debutant director Dipankar Bhattacharya’s untitled film, where she plays a rape victim.

“In between playing pishis and boudis, I do get challenging roles too!” laughed Locket.