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By TT Bureau
  • Published 28.07.10

Shabnam Agarwal
Like most kids, she too was told that she ‘should’ become a doctor. And she did. In her 15 years of practice as physiotherapist, Shabnam Agarwal has treated the city’s who’s who. She’s now the chief physiotherapist at Belle Vue Clinic. That apart, she is also popular for her antenatal and postnatal lessons. The good doctor survives on positive stress or “eustress” at work and on holiday, adventure sports is her thing. There’s another thing — her study syndrome. “It’s in my system. If I’m not studying, I feel useless,” she says.
Outfit and location courtesy: 85 Lansdowne make-up: Abhijit Chanda
Picture: Pabitra Das

Rashmi Sharma
July 19, 2006. August 23, 2007. August 12, 2009. Three landmarks in 21-year-old Rashmi Sharma’s life that made her a swimming sensation. The only Indian to have crossed the turbulent English Channel thrice, she has been a water baby since she was just two-and-a-half. Currently juggling BTech at Techno India with a job at the Indian Railways, this tomboy dreams big. “I want to cross all the five oceans,” she smiles. Having already swum the Atlantic Ocean, that makes it one down and four to go.
Location courtesy: The Park
Make-up: Abhijit Chanda
Picture: Pabitra Das

Natasha Agarwal Roy
She grew up eating ice cream (her family owns Rollick). She tried to do the corporate thing after her business management degree abroad but almost immediately returned to her roots. In May 2005, Mama Mia! was born and Calcutta got its first flavour of Italian gelato. From a two-helper set-up at her first shop in Alipore to the 60-member team split across 12 outlets in Calcutta and Bangalore, the self-confessed workaholic picks “restlessness” as one of the reasons for her success. Natasha doesn’t really gorge on her goodies but she does have a favourite flavour: Sicily Lemon. “It’s adventurous and tangy, just like me!”
Make-up: Abhijit Chanda
Picture: Pabitra Das

Eina Ahluwalia
It’s been almost eight years since Eina Ahluwalia made the whole corporate-creative switch. Lots of things have happened since. Forty collections to be precise, many of which haven’t seen the face of a customer, just because the designer loved them too much to part with! From making “somewhat pretty” pieces initially to the rocking conceptual collections she creates today, Eina and her brand Breathing Space have come a long way. The label has donned the body of every A-lister celebrity in Bollywood and more. These days she is busy wrapping up a collection in collaboration with a Dutch felt artist. Soon she will head to Holland again to be part of Move Now, a conceptual jewellery workshop by Ruudt Peters, all the while gearing up for her third season at Lakme Fashion Week. So what moves Eina? “Well, it could be anything — from product to person — but it has to very interesting.”
Make-up: Abhijit Chanda
Picture: Pabitra Das

Neha Agarwal
On the crazy tricycle of fashion where partying and PR are two of the three wheels, Neha banks heavily on the third — pure passion for fashion. Just three collections old, this 28-year-old Rowland Road resident has already secured racks in at least 16 stores across the country as well as a position in the favourite-collection lists of fashion magazines. It’s her quirky prints (roses, peacocks, tulips and trees so far) served with a twist that get her noticed. But Neha doesn’t believe she is an achiever, yet. “I am just good at my job,” she states. Next stop, films. “Anything to do with films, styling, making, writing…”
Make-up: abhijit Chanda
picture: pabitra Das

Ushoshi Sengupta
The dusky dame made the city proud when she bagged the coveted I Am She 2010 crown in May. But her journey into the glam world began in 2008 when she was crowned first runner-up at Sananda Tilottama. Numerous catwalks and photo-shoots later, the 5’7.5 leggy lass is now busy preparing to bring back the crown of Miss Universe from Las Vegas next month. Her big moment so far has been meeting SRK during the pageant in Mumbai. “As he announced the top five and said ‘contestant number 21, Ushoshi’, I kept looking here and there. I forgot that I was in the top five! For me it was all about Shah Rukh Khan.” Now, it is all about conquering the universe.
Make-up:Nabin Das
Picture: Pabitra Das