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Role call for Ray thriller

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  • Published 12.12.08


In Tintorettor Jishu Feluda grapples with a missing painting of Jesus Christ which was made by Tintoretto and gifted to one of the members of the Niyogi family. But before he can solve the mystery behind the stolen painting he is faced with the challenge of solving the mystery behind the fake painting.

There are quite a few fight sequences. But there’s a lot of mind games too. There is a bit of martial arts in the action scenes. Judo Ramu composed the stunt moves for the Calcutta shoot, while Tota (Roy Chowdhury) composed the fight scenes for the Hong Kong schedule. And Tota has done a very good job!) Feluda-Topshe chemistry It’s like the other Feluda films. But the Sabyasachi-Parambrata chemistry has developed. It’s like doing similar things over and over again and after a point it becomes easy. Parambrata is a fantastic actor and I enjoy working with him. Playing similar characters, doing similar things and the same interaction certainly helps develop a better chemistry.

Jhargram journey

Though we travelled through the forests we never faced anything dangerous. The cops had assured protection and the people of Jhargram Rajbari were very co-operative.

Hong Kong hullabaloo

It was a new experience shooting in Hong Kong and since it was very expensive we did not take too many crew members with us. We worked with a few Chinese technicians. We even gave them Indian names and since they did not speak or understand English we often conversed in Bangla! We believe they understood us.


Tintorettor Jishu threw up more challenges for us because it’s a very different story. Plus this is the first time that a Feluda film was being shot abroad. The twists are far more interesting than in Bombaiyer Bombete and Kailase Kelenkari. The events in Tintorettor Jishu unfold in a manner that will arouse a lot of curiosity. In this film Feluda uses his ‘Magajastra’ more than in Kailase Kelenkari. Besides Sir (Sandip Ray) has packed in more action and so the film is longer.

Jatayu-Feluda chemistry

People are going to enjoy the chemistry between Jatayu and Feluda. It has certainly improved as our comfort level has increased a lot after working in two films (Bombaiyer Bombete and Kailase Kelenkari) together. Plus this would be the first film where Jatayu has some action scenes, which are foolish, but at least he has attempted them.

Jhargram journey

Shooting in Jhargram was another challenge as the place is infested with dacoits and we were provided police protection. We shot there for 15 days.

Hong Kong hullabaloo

Shooting in Hong Kong was another high. But it was tedious as we had very early schedules, often from 5am! Lolita Debi (Sandip’s wife) took great care of us. We feasted on great food.


I play Robin Chowdhury in the film. Robin poses as a journalist but is actually part of the Niyogi family, which owns ‘Tintorettor Jishu’ painting. Robin is after the painting. He probably wants to give it to a museum in Europe. As a journalist Robin is clad in dhuti panjabi and looks a thorough gentleman. Later, of course, his real identity is revealed and he is seen in shirts and trousers.

Jhargram journey

We shot in the Jhargram Rajbari but were putting up in a hotel 10km away so every morning we would travel the distance, shoot till late and go back to the hotel. One day we heard that dacoits had struck so we waited till late to be escorted by the cops. But Benuda (Sabyasachi) started cracking jokes. He said he could kill two dacoits and asked me how many I and Parambrata could kill! We managed to muster up the courage and left without the cops.

Hong Kong hullabaloo

It was great fun, and double the fun for me, because I have grown up on Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films and to be in their land was a great high for me. Some of the crew members we worked with had worked with Chan so I was thrilled. Plus the advantage of working with Babuda (Sandip). He is so meticulous and had arranged every shot when he did the recce. So it was a smooth sail for us.


I play Purnendu a non-resident Bengali settled in Hong Kong. Feluda and his team put up at my house and I help them in their mission. Purnendu also provides Feluda with men to chase Somani (Biswajit) the villain. I play my age, am dressed in a flamboyant manner and sport glasses.

Hong Kong hullabaloo

Oh, we had great fun shooting in Hong Kong. We were putting up on the 17th floor of a hotel in Kowloon. And though it was a very disciplined crew we had great food and fun. Specially shooting the chase scenes. It was so thrilling that at one point all of us forgot that we were shooting and took it for real. We also shot the climax scene on a boat on the sea. Babu (Sandip) has an eye for detail and he is a perfectionist. Though most of the scenes in Hong Kong were challenging Babu pulled them off very well.


I play Hiralal Somani, a smuggler in the garb of an art dealer. Somani is after the painting but he is no run-of-the-mill smuggler. He is an educated middle-aged Marwari smuggler. Therefore it was a challenge playing the role.

Hong Kong hullabaloo

We shot the entire climax scene in Hong Kong and it was superb. Unlike the rest of the cast I did not have any scenes in Jhargram. We had a very tight schedule in Hong Kong but we still managed to take out time and have fun. It was like a picnic, we would all eat together and make merry after pack up. It was a very disciplined unit and working with Satyajit Ray’s son is a great high. Shooting the climax scene was very tiring. The fight scenes too threw up great challenges, specially the scene where Feluda hits Somani on the head.


Tintorettor Jishu is action packed and has been shot over a period of two years.

Feluda-Topshe chemistry

I think in Tintorettor Jishu the chemistry between Feluda and Topshe is much more. Both of us have done two films already. It’s just that it’s a little funny for me to call someone Dada (Sabyasachi) while in real life I call him Kaku! Our chemistry has developed in Tintorettor Jishu.

Jhargram journey

It was nice shooting in Jhargram. I have shot there so many times before for both films and television. It’s a beautiful place.

Hong Kong hullabaloo

Shooting in Hong Kong was fun but language posed a major problem for us. Once in Hong Kong Babuda (Sandip) had asked me to go for a hair cut. I went to a saloon but couldn’t explain that I wanted a simple haircut. Instead they showed me all kinds of hair care products. I later mimed that all I want was a simple hair cut!


I play Nabakumar Niyogi, who invites Feluda and his team to his house.

Jhargram journey

We had a great time shooting in Jhargram. We shot in the forests but we did not go too deep for fear of dacoits. This is my second shoot with Babuda (Sandip). I had shot for a telefilm, Tollywooder Tarini Khuro back in 2004. It’s a great team and working with Babuda is a learning experience.


I play Rudrashekhar, a member of the Niyogi family. Rudrashekhar runs away to Mumbai to become an actor. But he is a failure and returns home to steal the painting. So I actually play the character who triggers all the action in the film. My make-up is minimal. I sport neat side-parted hair.... I was made to wear a shirt, trouser and a Ray-Ban sunglass. Babuda later told me that the sunglass belonged to Satyajit Ray. It was a thrilling moment for me!

Jhargram journey

Shooting in Jhargram was fun. It was a great learning experience too because Babuda’s team is very disciplined and meticulous. Though the area is infested with dacoits we did not face too many problems.

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